CR-10 Blank Dual 120mm Fan Base

by replayreb Feb 20, 2018
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Thanks a lot Replayreb !
Your two fans are pulling the air out. That make senses for me.
I've seen other posts where people push in at the rear and pull out at the front.
I think it's more conflictual (turbulences, air shortcut between the two fans : less efficient in total).
What or who made you install that way ? ... I'd like to confirm my draft estimation.

Other idea: we could also close the lower box air inlets to force the air streaming by the upper inlets and so, better cool the motherboard.
Just hope it will not increase the airstream noise.

And finally ;) ... why not adding holes in the socket so that it can be screwed on the existing box threaded holes ?

EDIT : reading again your comments, I get most answers to my questions. Sorry :)

I wound up remixing that other version that attaches to the control box with screws... https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2839191

CR-10 Dual 120mm Fan Amazing Bigery Case Remix

Yeah I wish I could screw mine onto to the control box as well. I'm thinking of printing this one to give it a try since it screws onto the control box and doesn't use as much filament: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2764990

cr-10 control box base plate & legs for dual 120mm fans
by tekblub