Spiral Vase 1

by kucici Feb 20, 2018
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Thanks for making and uploading this. I did make this following your instruction for 0 top layers so that the top of the model isn't closed and made solid. On my print, it looks just like you might imagine - the top layer around the ring is missing, but so is the top that would make this a solid model. But in your photo, it looks like you are getting the last top layer as far as the rim is concerned. Do you know what setting does that?

Did you set 0% infill and check Vase/Spiralize mode? Which slicer do you use?
Could you show me a photo of this print?

Hey Kycici, thanks for writing me back so quickly. I did set infill to 0% but I don't know where I can select either Vase or Spiralize mode? (Sorry, am new to this). I sliced with Cura 3.2.1 and set the top layers to 0 to prevent closing over the top of the vase. If you look at the top of my vase (https://imgur.com/JcsOJhd) it looks unfinished like yours. Any idea where to select the vase/spiralize setting? Here is the finished vase: https://imgur.com/fAYLEeG

You can find Spiralize Outer Contour option when you click on cog wheel next to print settings (ie. speed settings). In window that popup, type Spiralize Outer Contour and check checkbox next to it. Now, that option will be visible on the bottom of the print settings panel.

Set also wall count to 1.

I found Spiralize Outer Contour under Special Modes - could not find it under Speed.

Does setting wall count make it very thin? Having trouble finding this - is it Wall Line Count under the Shell grouping?

I give speed as example (every cog wheel opens window, where you can show/hide print settings).

Yes, it is wall line count. Also remember, to set line width to ~0.5 mm (it is depend of you nozzle - for 0.4 mm nozzle, 0.5 mm line width is ok for this print).

I had line width set to 0.35 for my 0.4 nozzle. I see a lot of people are saying to set that to 120-125% like you are with 0.5 I will print this again with line width of 0.5mm, 1 wall thickness, and spiralize.

How does increasing the line width affect the print?
Any other recommendations?

Every print need different printing settings. There is no golden value :)

In most cases 0.4 mm is ok, if you need more details, you can decrease it to 0.3 mm. But in this print (and other vases) I recommend 0.5 mm for more durability, better quality and seal (I refer to the 0.4 mm nozzle). Thinner line width may cause layer delamination and leak.

If you printing it with PLA, set fan speed to 100%, and do not overdo it at speed.