Downtown Houston Skyline

by brandonw Feb 20, 2018
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Thanks for this model! I'm printing one now and am seeing something potentially odd. First, the STL has the block on its side. That seemed like a pretty precarious print so I put it flat on its base before printing. I'm printing the thick base version and am seeing that there's no "top" to the base. Once the base is thick enough, it just starts printing square buildings with right angles in thin air in the (20% triangles) infill. It makes me nervous as these buildings won't have the greatest footing.

I wonder if I should have printed with supports? Or left it on its side and used supports there? How do you normally print this?

Hey! Yes, I forgot to adjust the orientation in the file so you need to adjust the print in your splicer software so that the block prints on its base. The top layer should be a print setting in your splicer software. I do 4 top layers to give the top of the base and buildings a real solid surface. I find that less than 4 layers results in a slightly webbed top. Let me know if that fixes your issue. Attaching a screenshot of the setting.

Great model! Printing this now. Will upload my make once completed.

There selling these on touch of modern $85 and they are not even great prints do more testing and get the prints looking better. I wouldnt pay $10 for this

What infill % did you use? I'm printing now and when it gets to the street layer it's starting to collapse on itself it appears.

hmm what kind of filament are you using? I print at 15-20% infill with rectilinear pattern. white PLA

It's good. It was just looking weird when the streets started printing but it's all good now.

20% infill. Hexagon

Going to print one this week with thicker base but route a pocket in the wooden base so it sits flush.

Would love to see the finished result! please take pictures.

Finally finished paint filled brass sign and uploaded. Thanks for file it looks awesome.

It looks awesome!! I like that you cnc'd a pocket for the skyline. That was my original intention but it takes a longer (cut time and 3d print time [mostly 3d print time]) than a thin skyline base glued directly onto the flat wood surface. Great job!

Might not be a bad idea to have a thicker base. I can imagine some cracking when removing from print bed with such a large footprint. Anyway, thanks again and good luck with the start up!

Thanks so much for making this file freely available! It will be printed and sitting on my desk in no time!

You bet! Let me know if you want me to upload a version with a thicker base. Just realized I forgot to do that. My model has a thin base because I glue it to the wood base. Thicker base looks a bit better as a standalone object.

I just printed one on Creality cr10. Amazing! But yes the base is rly thin. If you could uploade one with thicker base, that would be great :)

done! thicker base uploaded