Boogie Bomb | Fortnite Battle Royale

by RayGunProject Feb 22, 2018
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I dont know what program to use to download the sound to the trinket. I'm having a hard time figuring how to get your code you linked downloaded to the sound board. Also do you have to solder the wires to the trinket and sound board to get the wires to stay their. If you could respond soon that would be great . Thank you

I know it might not be authentic but how could this be set up (either software or wiring) to trigger the lights on and off with the dead man switch?

i would like to rig mine so the music as well as the lights turn on/off with the dead man switch (instead of the red button switch). RayGunProject, is this possible? how would I wire it?

Do the black wires coming from the dead man switch, ground on the trinket, ground to the LED strip, and the Li poly backpack all tie together? My dead man switch doesn't work. The bomb turns on with the red power button but does not turn off with the dead man switch. I tested the micro switch and it works. Trying to finish this for Christmas.

The boogie bomb should stay on and play sound when you release the dead man switch rather than turning off. It should be wired between PIN 3 and GND on the Trinket. It doesn't matter how many other things are wired to the same ground. Make sure you are connected to C and NC on the switch. Make sure you have loaded the file "T07.ogg" onto the SFX board and have wired PIN 7 on the SFX board to PIN 4 on the Trinket. If you have wired a different pin on the SFX board, then you can simply rename the file to T0x.ogg where "x" is the pin number you soldered. When you release the switch, you should see a red light on the sound fx board. If the light comes on, you've wired the switch and trinket correctly.

Thank you for the prompt reply. I have the dead man switch wire correctly. I does nothing, either tripped or not. On your drawing you have pin 4 on the trinket connecting to pin 0 on the SFX board. Does the white wire from the LiPoly bacpack connect to pin4 and the BUS on the SFX board?

No, it does not. The wiring diagram is correct. Have you successfully uploaded the code to the Trinket AND uploaded the file "T07.ogg" to the SFX board? If you have, then you need to change the name of the file to "T00.ogg". Assuming you have followed the diagram correctly, that should work. Are the LEDs working at least?

I reloaded the TOx.ogg file and moved the wire going from pin 0 to pin 7. Now the dead man switch works and I have sound but the lights quit working. I'm going to try reloading the sketch on the trinket. Am I correct in assuming the sketch only controls the ttrigger and not toe actual sound from the SFX board?

Correct. The sketch makes it so that the sound only goes off once for every trigger. Otherwise, the sound would loop indefinitely once triggered.

ARGH! I need to reinstall the bootloader on the trinket. Wish me luck.

This is making me nuts. The dead man switch trigers the sound but the lights stay on when the power is on.

The lights are supposed to stay on the whole time...

In that case......i did it!!! Thank you for all your help and advice.

Where do you put the colar_insert?

this thing is really dope

Does anyone know if the core part of BBomb really needs support?

i need some help with the coding anyway someone could help?

thanks heaps, such a cool project. kudos to you. cant wait to see what you come up with next.!!!

fantastic work. i presume you need an audio file to upload via the sd on the sfx board. i couldn't see it on the downloadable files, is this something you can provide??

Since you asked so politely!

I have a multi material Prusa and would love to print the body with black and clear PLA. Any chance you could share the file?

That's a great idea! Send me an email and let me know what file type you need to make the modifications: theraygunproject.co@gmail.com

hey i am trying to make on of these on tinker cad and a cant figure out the shell cubes for it and dont want it to be too cuby can you help or share how you did your shell

I wish I could help you out, but I don't work with shells and meshes, I do solid modeling on OnShape. OnShape is a free browser-based program and there are tutorials online you could follow if you want to get into solid modeling as well.

I’ve got parts printed and was wondering when you’ll have the “build and program” part? My son plays and is excited about this project. I used a CR-10 with 50% infill PLA. The core came out awesome. Some parts were a little need of filing. Can’t wait. Thanks!

Does the Core really need support ?

Nope. Printed mine totally without supports.

Congrats on getting recognized by Epic! Will be printing mine soon!

In which orientation did you print the lever please.
Also would it be possible to have the model of the core so I could modify it to accept a power lead, I intend to make this into a bedside light with neopixels inside for my son.
I would publish the results as a modification of your part onto Thingiverse.

I recommend printing the lever upside down relative to the way it is shown in the thumbnail. In this orientation, you shouldn't need any support material, but your print might take a little longer and have more visible layer lines because of the small cross-section.

Send me an email: theraygunproject.co@gmail.com and I'll send you a file you can use to make your remix!

By the way, I love the idea and I look forward to seeing it come together!


Can you make a picture how to fit the parts together on top of eachother
Like you see in an building guide..
And is it possible some parts are not needed ?

( still working on the grenade.. bit stuck on the sketch sadly.. but also working on the BB already but that one is going to be the same with adafruit parts.. )

So I just removed 1 unnecessary part which was "BB-Ring". Watch the Dead-Man's Switch part of my video for reference to the following instructions:

LINK: https://youtu.be/ZH9pTrePMBQ?t=1m49s

BB-Hub press fits into BB-Colar.
BB-Colar_Insert is printed twice and glued to the bottom of BB-Colar
BB-Hinge is glued to the tab on BB-Plate_Switch
BB-Hinge_Pin is glued to BB-Hinge_Cap and then inserted through BB-Hinge
BB-Hinge_Cap is then printed again and glued to BB-Hinge_Pin
Make sure you are able to turn the hinge after gluing or else the Lever won't function"
BB-LeverArm is then glued to BB-HingePin which should now be installed in the hinge
Again make sure you can still rotate the hinge while gluing*
Repeat these steps with BB-Dome and BB-Dome connector via the hole in BB-Lever
BB-Lever is press fit onto BB-LeverArm
BB-Plate_Pin then slides into place under the lever, so the Lynch Pin can be inserted
Finally, the whole Dead-Man's Switch assembly press fits into BB-Hub

Could you make the body have missing squares ? so that i could print this and then insert clear squares into the holes :D
i would adjust it myself but have not the skill required :(