Imperial Star Destroyer - Star Wars High Detail

by nikoli2803 Feb 21, 2018
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Someone try to one piece stl in vertical with support in the motors zone?

Just finished the main body today. 79 hour print. 420% scale. It really isn't meant to be printed this big but damn if it doesn't look good. Just another 30 hours of print left!

That's insane. It looks awesome!

Great Model, but i had to remix the top.stl part because it doesn't fit. I attach here the top2.stl file.

I'm doing a 440% of this file when I finish my current project. Looking forward to this one :-) Dunno where I'm going to put it when it's down though, lol.

Word of caution, I've just finished the nose section as my first part at 420%. It really isn't designed for 3D printing. It looks like I'm going to have a lot of trouble with the "trenches" on the sides as all the fine details aren't really mounted to the rest of the structure. Ended up tearing out a whole section while trying to remove supports. Also just discovered that the hull panels are literally panels that are just barely attached at this scale. It looks like the posted remix model has fixed the trench issue

Thanks. I was trying to fix some issues that showed up in the slicer, but mesh mixer just takes all the detail out and looks horrible. Might just pass on this until a REAL fixed version comes out.

I have a 420% version all sliced up and ready to go. Going to burn through 2kg of filament and take over a week in print time. If there are any last-minute suggestions it would be appreciated!

Forget the hangar :(, but ok

I like your model.
Just a heads up, in some places the hull plates are not flush with the body, this creates a space thus making the model "not solid".
Thanks for sharing though.

How did you print off the communications array? The bottom of it is flat, but the star destroyer slices that correspond with holding the communications array isnt flat.

Hi, awesome model but I'm having issues with Cura detecting top surfaces everywhere (printing the front section pointing upwards) and printing them awfully. Anyone else had similar problems and know how to fix them? I'm reasonably new to all this.

I don't think it's nice to just add the parts that @DavidBogaerts remixed. I realise you made the model but I would add in the description that the 1-5 parts are remixed by him.

Hi i had splitted the parts earlier. No one owns the right to splitting a STL file, just because they have done it.

Thanks for clarifying. I just think that it would make his remix completly obsoloete. Also, you obviously just downloaded his files and added it to your own, only renaming the files without actually changing the file description. Pretty scummy if you'd ask me.

That's a pretty hard accusation. I splited the file up after the first message i got from a user who tried to print it with difficulty. If me and DavidBogaerts have split the models in the same places, then its properly because its the best places to split the model for printing.

I don't want to argue, it's a great model either way. I'm currently printing on 150% scale. Looks great, however, the slicing is pretty strange to me. The flat surfaces seem to slice some weird lines all the way through on the 3rd piece. Like it's creating shells inside the object, might just be my shitty slicer but idk.

What slicer are you using?

I'm using the XYZ miniMaker, so the slicer i'm using is their quite so locked down software XYZware. I've heard of using Cura and exporting it to gcode and then to.3w but I haven't tried it.

I have the Da vinci 1.0 at work, i grew so tired of the XYZware that i found a way to flash custom "repetier" firmware to the printer so i could use cura and slic3r. I would highly recommend doing the same. Gives you alot more control

Thank you, i'll give it a go in the morning!

I have recently printed with the new files i uploaded after i fixed the Back2 motor problem. So it should work.

This looks awesome, thanks! At the moment I am printing at 350% and it looks great so far!

My only recommendation is it would have been nice of you added some alignment keys to make it easier to glue together. Say 20mm squares at say 10-12mm deep. so you can use a block in there with glue to align and increase glue bond strength.

Note - The Engines on Rear 2 are floating in mid air and not attached, so my printer is printing in midair at the moment... we will see if the print makes it, or if I have to do it again after tweaking the stl

Hi sorry for the corrupt file of Back2. Its now been fixed. Sorry for the inconvenience

Thanks! I tried to use some resin to fix some issues i had with it, I am not good enough to edit the stl yet lol.

I will reprint it after I do some commissions and hope to upload the results once it has been glued together and primed!

All parts print well EXCEPT Back_2. The part doesnt appear on my slicer.

Hi sorry for the corrupt file of Back2. Its now been fixed. Sorry for the inconvenience

What orientation should this be printed in?

The model looks awesome, but in my slicer it has TONS of problems. I tried repairing the model but I'm not experienced in how to do that and failed.

This thing looks amazing! But, I'm having some trouble ordering it printed. The apps keep showing errors about not being able to find parts.