Filament Guide for Ikea Lack table, 26mm hole diameter, adjustable thickness

by ColoradoRob Feb 21, 2018
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The male part is physically smaller, not just the threads? Printed this out, and it doesn't fit together perfectly...

That's correct - I scaled the male part down (by 5%, IIRC) so the threads would move easily, even with a wide range of printers and materials.
I didn't work to make the mating surfaces match perfectly, since that will be inside the LACK tabletop.

What size hole do I need to drill for this to fit

I used a 1 inch hole cutter, and it's a snug fit. Maybe a touch too snug, but I'd rather that than have it moving (and potentially dropping bits of table in the work space)

Filament feed thru for LACK table top mounted dry box

That's a really cool setup! Our printer is in an office environ, so we've only had humidity problems with one spool (clear red PLA) so far.

If/when I set one up in my garage at home, I'll totally check out your bin system.

I only linked it because I have a guide tube in their made to go through the table top.alteady. The only difference between min and yours is how they are secured to the table.