Anycubic i3 mega TITAN AERO

by pablogk95 Feb 22, 2018
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This design looks awesome! I'm interested in upgrading my machine but was wondering what needs to be done with the cables and if the firmware needs to be modified at all. I'd really like to improve my hot end but most ways of doing so are too complicated for me and i'm kind of stuck. Thanks

Here is my derivative, https://maeffjus.de/bl-touch-modular-x-carriage-for-anycubic-i3-mega/

And since Pablogk does not reply, also I don't care. The page also expresses my point of view in terms of licensing.
(And at least a "no, I don't want it because...whatever" would be nice)

Commons - Attribution now, do whatever you want (Although you´ve already done haha).
I´m way out of this 3d printing stuff now so I doesnt care about my thingy account too much, more important things to do to be honest.

There you have the stp files: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3933689

Anycubic i3 mega STP FILES

Hey pablogk! I changed the motor-support to accomodate the BL-Touch-Sensor.
If you change the license-type, I'll share it with others...
If not I'm okay with having it for myself :-)

hello please see pm

Could you please share that file with me?

Please send me a PM!

hey. which parts i needed?
i print your parts but now, the fan part is not suitable. and the soporte_corea is not compatible with the standard x Axis holder. please Help me. i will build the mirrored version. thank you

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I didn't understand how to stop the strap behind after removing its bracket

Find a way to secure it with a ziptie cause I designed it to be used with the cable chains I´ve linked below.

Anycubic i3 mega printed X axis cable chain
Anycubic i3 mega X axis cablechain

Hey I built your design, very nice. But I am missing the part on the backside, that is securing the cables. Where can I find that piece? (righ over the part cooling fan)
Thanks :)

Anycubic i3 mega printed X axis cable chain
Anycubic i3 mega X axis cablechain

sorry for my English. I don't understand how you put the strap back. Now I'm printing the 2 supports plus the small piece (which I don't understand where to insert it)

It´s to cover the cables on the side of the carrige (not necessary to install).

Hi Pablo, what's the reason for choosing the mirrored version of the titan aero?

I like it better for cable management.

Does your makes also fit for the non-mirrored Version ?

Goliathus Extruder - Anycubic I3 Mega, Prusa I3
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Hi Mate,

currently im dealing with
Error:Thermal Runaway, system stopped! Heater_ID: bed

seems like the fan is cooling the bed to fast so the software detect a heating error and halts the print.

how did you dealt with it ?

There are more questions coming up. I now fully assembled my titan aero. But i can't get the extruder motor running.

Im using the latest version of https://github.com/derhopp/Marlin-with-Anycubic-i3-Mega-TFT as firmware and edited the described parts within the e3d documentation.

The motor is just buzzing but not moving. I think i did some mistake at wiring it. How you connected your motor ?

Greetings from Germany

Swap 2 middle cables of the motor, then, if the motor turns backwars reverse the order of the cables (if 1234->4321) or edit the firm to reverse extruder direction.

Haha i thought i did this already. Seems like is removed them and put them back like before instead of switching them ;)

Hi there, i really like your project and im looking for the chain holder you are using. Could not find the part anywhere out there.

Can you please pass me the stl ?

This is the one I´m ussing https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2803387

Anycubic i3 mega X axis cablechain

Thank you. :D

Hello Pablo! This is Pedro, your neighbour from Portugal... ;)
I have been studying your mod and printed most of parts to be used with Titan Aero Mirrored. However i have some doubts on how to assemble it, because the videos you uploaded unfortunately dont show very clearly the assembly details, as all the parts are dark black.
I have printed the following parts:
From 2803399 - CIII COOLER MOD
However i am feeling a little confused on how to assemble the parts together, mainly im talking about the rear parts, i mean, the cooler mod, soporte correa and cable cover...
Could you kindly post some pictures with a little more detail on how theylook like together, in some angles?
Also, am i missing some part or that is all i printed?
Gracias!! Hasta luego!

I am exactly where you are right now Pedro! I have exactly the same parts printed and I almost have it figured out but the assembly does not hit the x-stop! and I am not sure where the board on the left (The part that keeps it from hitting the x-stop) comes from! A little guidance would be most helpful now that I have it all torn down and ready for this upgrade!

the board on the left is actually the endstop...

Yes, I finally figured that out!
One more question while I am at it, I almost have it all wired and back together, but I received the NEMA 17 pancake stepper and the wiring is not the same. Do you know the wiring difference between the two?

If the motor doesnt turn and just vibrates swap the 2 middle cables then if the motor turns backwards reverse all 4 cables likee if you turn the connector 180°

I will try this when I get home. Also, is there any kind of mount to print for a BLTouch sensor to attach to the current design?

Hello here from USA...I am getting the Titan Aero and getting the slimline stepper motor...so if I understand correctly, all I have to do is print out the 26mm file for the hot end, extruder combo and the slimline stepper motor? I will know more when the kit comes in two days from now but I was just making sure before I commit to the use of my PLA for the print. Thanks in advance!

The two counterbored holes that are spaced wider, for connection to the bracket on the rear side of the carriage, have counterbores that are 0.7mm smaller in diameter than the others. Why?

The 8mm counterbore seems to fit M4 button head screws perfectly, while the two in question aren't wide enough. With those you must use cap head screws or ream out the counterbores.

The stock black screws are 7.3mm in the head and the regular m4 screws I´m ussing to connect the rear bracket have 6.8mm on the head, the hole for the head is 7.3mm, thats 0.5mmm of clearance, enought for me to fit the screw. Thats why they are different in diameter.
You can sand it or heat the screw head to fit it in the hole.

Hello pablogk95 i make customization to use mod with original cartridge. I can't make remix because is forbidden but if you agree i can publish it. .

excuse the question, but would this mod work for a common titan extruder with a hotend e3d v6? It's the first time I think about improving the printer and I honestly do not know much about it. If so, what files would I have to print?

No, this mod is just for titan aero. If you want you use titan + v6 on bowden setup you need little mod, if you want it direct I dont know if there is any mod already done.

I would be glad if you could do something like the "Goliathus" for your modular carriage. I ordered the aero and the normal titan with v6, but can only use the aero with your carriage.. I really like the system and design of your work! I'm happy youve already done bowden v5 and v6, so I'll end with 4 of your modular-plates (if you could design something for titan&v6):)

Do you have a link to the firmware you are using?
Also is this the 12v e3d titan aero 1.75mm mirrored?

I used the stock firm, just need to adjust the extruder steps via gcode. There are tutorials on the internet.

Can you provide a link to the tutorial you used for this upgrade?

It is the 12v mirrored titian aero you are using?

Thank you, ur a champ

For the Titan Aero with Pancake Motor (not the stock) i need to print

and the cooling parts you make in another page

Im right ?

After a LOT of messing around and printing all of the parts, I finally received my Titan Aero, and then started trying to figure this out! In the end I found out, yes, you need to print the HOT END 26mm to replace the back mount, and the AERO MIRRORED part to mount the hotend/extruder assembly on. And it fits INTO the HOT END 26mm part...took a while to figure out all of the puzzle pieces. Now I need to get a working fan duct and an X carriage replacement to hold the belt.

If you are going to use the mirrrored titan aero (the ore from my pictures) you just need to print SOPORTE AERO MIRRORED. If you are going to use the standard titan aero with the e3d slimline stepper (26mm body lenght) you need to print SOPORTE HOT END 26MM
SOPORTE AERO STANDARD. If you are going to use a samaller pancake stepper you may not need yo print SOPORTE HOT END 26MM, just SOPORTE AERO STANDARD and this https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2803339

Yes, the cooling part is in anothe page https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2803399

Anycubic i3 mega modular X carrige base
Anycubic i3 mega part cooling fan

Hi ! Can you make a mount for the "standard" titan extruder ? Thanks !

Considering doing this mod, but quick question. Which fan are you using for the parts cooling? Just the original one?

Anycubic i3 mega part cooling fan

After over 300 h printing using your mods. i am using you spool holder the top one using bearings - amazing. You x carriage mount with chain - amazing. Your aero mount - this is the most impressive by far as all come together to perfection. i would love to see other mods out there as perfect as yours are.

Only one small comment. the cooling duct - its not cooling properly overhangs - a fang design will work better - a double fang one or something similar that can blow air from two sides. if you will be able to design something that will work with your modular design even willing to tip :). seriously with your mods the printer becomes really impressive only this issue with cooling like "bellow the printing area". i even did a water test to see how current one works. it creating a perfect circle but doesn't blow "below nozzle" and close to it - now the "blow area" decreases in power as the air goes nearer to the nozzle. From what i can see you are a very good designer and a fang (maybe even remaking of something that is out there) will not take you to much time. thank you for all the great designs you have created till now.

Are you using this with stock FW? No issues with the height of the print nozzle in relation to the bed? Just wanted to check before I set out to print all these items.

nope, using the bl_touch version marlin branch specially for i3mega trigorilla board

Gotcha, and thanks for getting back.
I think I found a way to add Z-height offset to the, otherwise really constricted, stock 32bit FW.

Anycubic i3 mega cobra fanduct for modular x carriage

I have this remix of the cobra fanduct for the wanhao, havent uploaded it cause I havent tried it. If you want to try it I can share it.
Just one thing, share your profiles for the aero please.

please send me the fang :(

Sure, post your slicer profile for the aero in the comments and I will.

i did a few days ago, see below :))

Sorry I just saw your email. I'll upload it when I arrive home.
Sorry again.

please send me the fang looks awsomeee apetre83@gmail.com

man i am trying to do your modular mounts. totally love them for sure they are the best but they are missing so many explanations still i think i can make it work. but a small question if still we are doing this crazy mods do you have any bl_touch mounts that work with this titan aero mount? and i think if you will add more explanations they will be very popular. for example this needed to be mirrored on x to work.

you are doing an amazing work btw little bit refinement and will help lots more.
Again please tell me if you have or you can fast design an bl_touch mount.

Yeah you are right about the instruction but inglish is not my first language so it would be a mess trying to explain everything. I've already seen some people with the modular x carriage mod so I guess is not that hard, the wiring is anothe story...

About mirroring it on the x, NO, this is designed to work with the titan aero mirrored version, you can choose this option in the e3d web. If you mirror it to use the standard version and it works fine, but I cant guarantee anything

About the bltouxh I dont have one but I should be hard to adapt, where do you want it? Keep in mind the fan shroud...

Hope you can install this mod ;)

thanks, me too, i mirrored i and it seems to work, but my question is how do you lock the x belt in the back as when you remove the original mount the x belt was locked to it. so again how do i connect the belt to this mount?

Cant see your question here... but the belt is attached to the screws marked in red on the render image.

ok. as i did not see any ...holes or something. printed all the parts so lets see how it goes. i was asking as it was not obvious how you are clamping the belt to the carriage.