Mall Rated Jeep Badge

by steedo Feb 23, 2018
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When you painted these. What kind of paint did you use?

No paint. I switched filament colors once the features started to print.

any chance you could post the Autodesk file so we could modify it? I'd like to make some custom ones with some different jeeps. Thanks

Files are posted.

awesome. Thanks. I'm gonna make a version for the YJ and TJ wranglers, as well as one with a CJ8 Scrambler for a friend of mine's build. I'll post whatever I end up with on here and make sure to give you credit for the original

I will get them posted when I get a chance. They are done in Fusion 360, which I'm still a novice at. The files will be warts and all.

Could you possibly change it from 4x4 to 4x2, please? I don't have that ability/skill.

I should be able to do it. Just have to make sure I still have the font. It might be a few weeks until I can get to it.

It would be outstanding if you still had the font. Thank you for the reply.

Turns out there was never a font. I attempted to make a 2 in the same style. Feedback welcome.

Thank you for looking and getting back to me, I appreciate it.

Interesting. What were your slicer settings? The surfaces should be smooth without gaps, so I'm not sure where that "race track" effect is coming from. It looks like either some under extrusion (clogged nozzle, filament diameter?) or some Z calibration/bed tramming. I have heard that the small ticks around the outside can be trouble depending on your retraction settings.

I have printed this twice on my MP Select v2, one all black, the other 2 color as pictured.

What program did you use?

The design was a combination of Fusion 360 and AutoCAD (due to lack of F360 skills).
I slice with Cura.

I get that air gap issue on this one but not the other one. I printed both a few times and see what you mean about the detail not sticking to the back/base. I could peel the little bars of with my fingernail. I did one this morning in .2 with silver inland pla and it turned out good. Sliced in Cura 3.2.1. (Went and stuck it to a random jeep at walmart). Then since that one was good, I did 2 more at .1 and ironing turned on and it had the air gap issue. It has to be that the slicer settings are picky about this model.