Sim Racing Formula 1 Steering Wheel

by jamesturriff Oct 31, 2018
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Hello James,
fantastic work. Unfortunately I am not able to print this wheel with my Anycubic Mega S (limited to 210mm x 210mm x 205mm).

So I can Dream on ;).



Absolutely fantastic looking steering wheel! :-) I am printing this at the moment and I have a few questions:

1) the 'Ferrari' knob in the centre is different in the photo's. I like the one in the photo's better. Can you add that knob as well?
2) can you make a list of nuts and bolts required? It would save me (and probably others) a lot of time if there was a list stating the number (and length!!) of M2, M2.5 etc bolts (same for the brass inserts)
3) how do the shift paddles work? Do I need springs? Magnets?

Keep up the good work! I can't wait to see the other model (with display) you are working on. I will posts photo's once I'm done.

Hi Jorick

It works with magnets, take a look at the file on Grabcad for a better idea of the components used:


Absolutely stunning, amazes me how good people can make things with a 3D printer.

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how do I do it so that it can be used in a Thrustmaster base

RamjetX Thrustmaster T300 T500 TX TSPC 70mm Hub Adaptor Kit
by RamjetX

Hi James, are you planing to upload the one piece front plate and middle? This part will be great to print in one piece, thank you, good work

Hi There, I have uploaded the one piece front, back & middle plates.



Hi James could you gring me some wiring diagram for the electronics, or tell me we're to find it?, thank you

You can dowload the spec sheet from the leo bodaner web site:


If you go to my Facebook page "3dsimwheel" there is a wiring diagram for my LCD f1 wheel. Its pretty much the same principal.

Thank you, I will do it on weekend, and let you know the results, you are an ace

Would love to see your work :-)

hi james, is the other lcd wheel ready? I'm asking again why it might be ready somewhere else for the purchase, I dream about it every day lol

James I have just started to print out the parts on my new for xmas prusa mk3 to use on my osw wheel.
what did you use to install the heatsink nut insets any special tool req or did you just push them in without special tooling.
do you have a list of quantities of the nuts and bolts so as I can start to order for when my printing is complete



I use heatsink nut (knurl) a lot. You can use a soldering iron. It takes about 275C or 525F

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is that Wheel strong enough for a DD-Wheel / OSW otherwise an incredibly job James !!.

Yes it is, I used it on an OSW for about 6 months

Good friend, congratulations for this piece of work. by chance you would not have a guide how to ride? including the electronic too. thanks mate

Hi. I have bought some DS612 buttons but they did not come with that black ring (see attached picture). Could you please share the correct name and if you know where to find it?
Btw, what software did you use for the buttons/knobs labels? would you mind to share source files? Thanks a lot.

Hi There, The white text labels were adhesive ones form ebay. I have just uploaded a pdf of the dial graphics. The balck ring comes with the buttons you buy from Leo Bodnar. Its not really required to be honest.

Many thanks for the prompt response.

Hi james, first off, great job, this wheel is amazing. You mentioned in the comments you were working on an lcd version. Will that just use a different front plate? As in can i start building the rest of the wheel and leave the front plate until the lcd version is ready? Or will the whole wheel need a complete overhaul?

Also, what size machine did you use? Im limited to a 200x200 so was wondering if any of the files were too big.

Thanks for all the work you have done though, truly impressive

The two wheels use similar but different parts. They wont be cross compatible.

I have two printers an ultimaker 2 which has a bed size of 223mm x 223 mm and an Zortrax M200 which has a bed size of 200mm x 200mm.

You should be OK with your bed size as I have printed the entire wheel on both printers

This is really a great job!
Hope this will not insult your high tech project :) But I would like to build a Display only version. Maybe with some basic board to control/simulate the lights.
Would you recommend any basic board for that? How did you label the buttons so perfect?
Many thanks in advance for your time.

Could you please also share the measures needed of heatfit brass inserts? Thanks a lot.

You need M2 + M2.5 + M4 + M5

I saw some M2 as well. Thx a lot!

They just got back to me , they sell their inserts in packs of 100 also.

I have just contacted them to ask if they do smaller quantities.

actually I had the same question , but If you go to his fusion assembly link, then "blow up" the model , then select the properties tab.. you can see what are the dimensions for the inserts (and screws ) by clicking on each one... time consuming but at least you have an idea of what you need

Yes, I've already done that! Now I am trying the next step: Automatic BOM on Fusion.
Thanks a lot.

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what firmware version of the SLI display are you using? there are 4 types

Great job, I'm making one of the mercedes for me, how did you do the hand grip? Is it with silicone rubber?

Its suede material stuck on to the plastic with EVO-Stick Timebond contact adhesive.

I made an account just so I could like this.

excellent job my friend! i'll study the electronics part.

Thanks for such a beautiful design!

Spectacular James! Do you want to make the other ring available on your facebook?

Thanks djleleu ;-) The other wheel with the lcd screen will be available soon.

can this be replaced on any sim racing wheel? example say a Logitech g25 ..

You would have to find a suitable adaptor from somewhere. I have a thrustmaster adapter designed for it that just needs some fine tuning. I will look into what’s involved in creating a Logitech one.

or I guess I could make an adaptor :D actually I quick release would be cool too