Painting Handle

by karakulli Feb 24, 2018
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Fantastic works really well. Great design. :-)

Printed 5 of them, work really well, awesome model

Now I need to get rubber band which won't break when put inside xD

I've printed a few copies of this now for some friends. All of them printed great. Good model. Thank you!

Glad you’ve found it useful. Have a good painting!

Super simple and works great

Glad you like it.

Could you make a video from the point where you start using the rubber band and until you finish hooking it to both sides. I am just finding the instructions a bit unclear.

Shouldn't there be two platforms, a left and right?

They are symmetrical, so just print 2 copies

Why have you changed the design to be less durable? "Caps design is changed and is now more prone to breaks"

That's definitely a typo! Thanks for pointing that to me! :)

been trying to print this twice now and it fails when starting to build the grip part of the handle after roughly 1 hour. It starts printing spagetti all over the place on the exact same position.I am printing with 3 perimiters, 20% infill and 0.2 layer height on a MK3 with PLA. Tried both normal and stealth mode.

Nvm, I am an idiot. Had made changes to the wrong profile in slic3r so it printed with 2 perimiter. Trying again now with 4 perimiters.

I printed a lot of these on MK3 and nether had a problem. Hope you've managed to solve the issue.

Yes, I managed. I upped to 4 perimiters and it printed like a charm. Probably works on 3 as well.

So... don't loop the rubber band four times around the hooks, the hooks will break. Updated my make with a pic of the failure that just happened. Spontaneous, the handle was just sitting on a shelf and I heard this 'pop' and clatter.

Bahaha, I quite literally just saw the warhammer painting handle tonight and had planned on mimicking it.Furthermore I am currently painting my scythe minis too! Wow. Thank you for the model!

You are welcome! Hope it works for you well :)

I printed this, as it seemed the simplest of some similar options, and I liked that the base was flat, so you can just sit it down and let it stand up when done. Originally I thought that angled handle would be uncomfortable compared to a rounded one, but I think it gives you a little better grip & control now.

My only suggestion to others printing this, is to print the platform pieces at 102% size. I'm doing a few of these, and the first one took a lot of cleaning/rounding/knife work to get everything to fit and move smoothly. Printing the platform at 102% solved this. Only thing I have to do is remove any elephant foot on the handle. And then usually have to trim the 'hooks' a bit, it would be nice if they had chamfers on their edges, so that they went into the hole more easily. :) But I'm just making like 3 of these or so, and not too worried about modifying the design just for that when a knife will do ;)

Hi EliW, thanks for your comments. I've made several modifications and hope now it will work right out of the box without scaling and after-printing cleaning.

Ahaha! Thanks for pointing out! Fixed :)