Fallout Mini Nuke ver.1 (Updatable)

by Goryaschenko Feb 24, 2018
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Should I use support for the file called "Cells"?

Hello, im printing that at 200% right now very great model.
Do you have the STEP files too? I would be very happy to modify my own Mini Nuke.

Just got done with the print scaled it 250% in s3d just over a foot tall, nowntime to sand prime and get some color to it. Thanks for the amazing model.

very nice model, scaled it up 2x, was wondering what screws you used on the sides of the bomb, they are not listed I think, will share when complete, printed 90% of the parts. :)

Absolutely awesome model
Already printed and most of it primed.

Thanks for the model! I also saw the cross section one mentioned in here through browsing the web and similarly, could not justify the purchase of said model. Thank you for your time and effort into putting this one together for the rest of us fans!

I'm very glad that you liked my model. It's very pleasant to look at the finished result of other people!

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Great job!
Can you make the cells separate, as a one hexagon piece, so I can glue them together?

Oh my god! I was expecting someone to do this for SO long! Thank you for uploading it free. You are my hero :)

based on this one?.. https://shop3d.ca/products/fallout-4-mini-nuke-with-internals-unfinished-model-kit
i could not justify paying $99 for this my printer only cost £105 and the wife would kill me,thank you so much

Yes, this model was taken as a basis. And some info from Wikimedia

Awesome! I enjoyed finding the disassembled mini nuke in Fallout 4, and I'm sure I'll have fun assembling it :)

You're also in the "Best of the week" section, so congrats on that :D

Thanks! I hope it will be easy to print and assembling to you ;)

Very good, I will definitely print this when the LED version is up!

You can print it now.
LED version will be based on this model.

If you intend on posting the led adaptations, I look forward to it! I had in fact intended on doing something similar using glow filament and UV LED - but far simpler than what you are striving for!

I also use UV LED, but recently there is not much time to do this. I'm not going to close the project, I just need a little more time.

Great model, thanks for sharing!

Thank you. This is my first big model and it's very important for me.

Important indeed, and done to a high standard, be proud! This is one hell of a cool idea..Thank ya for sharing!