CR-10 Direct Drive - Sturdified

by stmorgan Feb 25, 2018
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Hello @stmorgan :)
Do you provide production files somewhere to be able to do a remix?

I made it in Tinkercad, so the model is the only way to export it sadly.

Printed this off then realised you can't use the original hotend fan, so I changed it so you can, only to find out it won't fit if you have a different pc4-m6 which is slightly longer :/. Also not sure if just ender 3 but part of the model does not clear the wheel.

I'm not sure on the Ender 3, this has only been tested with the CR-10 using stock or MicroSwiss hotend and a fang.
I might be having a midnight brain fart but I'm not putting my finger on what a "pc4-m6" is.

He's referring to the coupler fitting on the hot end part, which has an m6 nut and 4mm diameter for the bowden tube (hence the pc4-m6).
I don't know anything about the cr-10, but I would also like to try this direct drive mod on my ender 3

I liked the improvement from the original quite a lot. Using the two screw holes for added supports is good cause my problem with the part this is remixed from is that because the part is only attached from a half a hole it can slip and come off, as it happened with me. This is good however after I printed the part I realized that my mk8 extruder does not fit onto this part. The wall between the motor and the extruder is too thick for the stock screws.

Oh, ya you're going to need longer screws. M3 screws shouldn't be hard to round up, just get some about 5mm longer than the stock ones. Everything else lines up alright though doesn't it?

yup, everything fits nicely and is secured much better than the orignal part on this version, Did you put ptfe tubing between the extruder and the hotend, cause I did not and it seems to work fine but I wonder what the "proper" way to do this is.

Well it was intended to have the PTFE tube between the two, may work without it but would depend on filament rigidity to not kink and jam. Of course that won't fly with flexible filament.