Jumbo Lego Christmas - Santa Claus

by HowardB Feb 25, 2018
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Which scale did you use for the cup?

Hi Christoph,
I can't recall offhand, but it should be around 400% to match the 4x minifig size - the bunch of cups thing was originally for the normal sized lego afaik. Maybe try 400% or 402% for a good tight fit.

I quickly imported the original .STL's I used and up-sized the cup by 400% (4x) in Sketchup, and it seems to fit the hand nice and tight in the preview.

Cheers, Howard

Thanks for your fast answer!

Let me know how it turns out ;)

In one of your pictures there's a Mrs Claus. I've found the chest I think you used but not the other stuff. Do you happen to have the links for the legs/hair/hat? I like the idea of doing up a complete set.
The Santa is beautifully done, I love the assemblage of parts. I've found printing the beard works really well if you print with support and the beard surface (the part you want to look good) pointing straight up.

Many thanks Dan.

The links to Mrs Claus and the Elves are in the description at the bottom - each should have a full list of STL files you can print, sourced from various places on Thingiverse ;)

"Mrs Claus can be found here: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2843428
The matching elves, Bernard and Twinkle, can be found here: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2880258"

Jumbo Lego Christmas - Mrs Claus
by HowardB
Jumbo Lego Christmas - Elves - Bernard and Twinkle
by HowardB

printed Santa sack at scale 760 worked for me
thanks for all your hard work

Pleasure Keiran; glad it worked for you :)

Hello, I remixed the HowardB beard from jollyrojr very very quickly under Meshmixer (simply substracted a 101% scaled head from the beard). You can find it here. Pictures to come.https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3244815

santa beard remix to fit santa claus by HowardB

Very nice, thanks Richard; will give it a print on the weekend and see how it fits :)
Cheers, Howard

Can I ask what filament you are using for the head?

I printed all parts in ABS.
If I were to make more I'd do them in PLA for ease of printing ;)

Sorry I mean which brand / colour

Check out the description/instructions for all the filament colours ;)
eSun ABS, skin colour for the head.

I think I am going to update the beard this week. :) i'll be going over your notes and the notes from the guy who printed mine for me.

Great! Thanks Roger. Will look out for the release and also print again to test ;)

Hi Howard, I was wondering how this would print at 10x (about 42cm tall)? What would I need to scale it up from (that you have it at now) to make it work. I printed @Ossum (Jason Suter) Classic Skeleton Minifig and liked that size.

Hi Sharon,
I honestly don't know :)
Theoretically, it should be able to be scaled to any size, but you would have to work out and apply the scaling factor to all the parts equally.
Given this minifig is based on the 4X Minifig body by Skimbal, if the parts were scaled by 2.5x more (250%), you should have your 10X sizing. If you do get it right, it would be awesome to see your make!
Just remember that some of the parts in this Thing are either under or oversize, and I noted some of the scales I used in the detailed text - if those figures are upsized by 250%, they should still fit. The trickiest part imo would be the beard.
Cheers, Howard

Which size % to print the "Sack"?

Hi Martin,

It was trial and error with the scaling, initially printed 2 and they were way too small.
I eventually settled on scaling the sack at 710% in the Simplify3D slicer using ABS filament (the ABS shrinks a bit when cooled) - it is still a fraction of a millimetre loose in the hand, but used a dab of hot glue to ensure it did not fall out.
Alternatively, maybe bump up the scaling to 715% or 720%.

PS: the source file wanted me to scale to mm when I imported the file, however that was way too big. Theoretically, this seems to be a normal lego-size part, but even scaled at 400% for the 4x minifigs is far too small.

Cheers, Howard

Thank you. I will try.
Which scale do you print the beard? It was too big and not looking like this on the picture.
I also don´t know how to print the belt. Can you tell me?

Check out the Update from 21 March - it was at 100% scale, but printed in two halves and glued together - i.e. the beard split down the middle of the front (top to bottom) and rotated flat on the bed (think of the beard being split by the build platform half and half).
Alternatively, try downloading the Minifig Medium Beard Short (https://printabrick.org/bricks/93223) and scale to 400%. I may try and print this version using this model instead.

Re the belt and buckle:
Belt: printing a black belt, based on incident's Action Calibration Bar (https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:74996), setting Simplify3D scaling to:
X = 185.00 mm
Y = 4.80 mm
Z = 0.60 mm

Buckle: printing a gold buckle, based on Keyjay's Simple Buckles (https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:236297), using the "simple_big_buckle.stl" and setting Simplify3D scaling to:
X = 15.0 mm
Y = 10.0 mm
Z = 1.2 mm

I threaded the long black belt section under, through and over the centre buckle bit until it was equal length on each side. Then used a few dabs of superglue to attach the belt to the body, a couple of mm from the white surround section on the lower body; trimmed the belt section to the right length once it was glued

Cheers, Howard

Action Calibration Bar
Simple buckles
by keyjay

Thank you.
I will try.