Bluetooth Speaker - Quarter Wave Transmission Line

by GaminGit Feb 27, 2018
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Nice work.
Is it possible half the box for stereo speakers? Half box half speakers. Should work?

the hiss of the amplifier is given by the poor power supply, if you use batteries the hiss will disappear, I had the same problem with a different amplifier. just try and let me know if it was the same for you.
great job compliments!!!

Wood pla. Came out pretty good. However prices of the recommended speakers went up. Are there other speakers you recommend?

So as per your request I will post a photo soon. just started this in some wood PLA. I am doing 25% infill with an .8mm nozzle at a .4mm resolution. It may be a minute to test with speakers but I will share the files after I print this weekend. I will take pre stain and post stained photos. I only hope I can do this design justice as it looks really good.

First things first: Awesome! Just what i looking for. But i have a question.

Would an infill of 10 or maby 5% affect the sound?

3fe25 arent designed for transmission line, they cannot achieve best from this design. Simple ported box would be the best for this speaker.

Please make a 5" or 6" or 8" sub box like this for the low Frequency. This is awesome

Special request: Design a similar unit for a 200x200x220 print volume? After reading your write up, it would seem that simply scaling this to fit the print bed would result in sub-par sound, that and the speakers wouldn't both fit.

What happens if you were to scale it up or down to fit different sized speakers?

The math wouldnt work out right and the sound would be sub par

You can find out more about 'Quarter Wave Transmission Line' speakers and the math involved here: