Titan Aero mount for Cetus3D

by SA2FDR Feb 26, 2018
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Great. Now I know which direction to go.
I did think about the potentiometer but need to explore the driver board for space etc.
Oh I forgot to say that I'm already using the Tinyfab xyz alternative cpu and LCD display.
I get brilliant prints from 1.75mm filament with standard Cetus but definitely want to print with 3mm as I also have a Taz5 and lean toward 3mm. (Tried to make my own nozzle & guide but all a bit iffy). I have a heated bed and print ABS, Polyester and HIPS with bed around 110deg.
When I'm done I'll post an update just for your interest and others.

Ah that explains a lot. I have already sussed that the driver is a DRV8824. I was thinking of changing drive current to suit the Titan motor but it is too far away in resistance/inductance I think from Cetus motor. So I have to get a new motor. I'm thinking a nominally 10v 0.4A motor (commonly available) is close enough.
Any chance you can tell me any markings on your motor? I may be able to ascertain you approx spec from that.
Re' your through hole resistor bodge, I assume your talking about the drivers current setting ref voltage divider? Any recollection of whether you increased the ref voltage or reduced it and what current you aimed for?
Many thanks for the help so far.

I think it's this one SM-42BYG011-25 with a current of 330 mA.
And yes, the titan motors are too far away in impedance.

Yes, I'm talking about the ref voltage for the driver current, I think I had to lower it a bit, but really not sure.
I do remember I aimed for a drive current about 10% under the rated motor current, and that worked out fine.

If I had to do it over I would probably get rid of the existing resistors and fit a potentiometer instead. Since that would make it easier to change motors/tune current. And find a good slimline NEMA17 to reduce weight, since the full size NEMA17 is overkill with the Aero.

Hi I'm also planning a Titan Aero to Cetus mod.
Can you tell me the spec and/or source of the extruder stepper motor you chose please?
I asked Cetus tech support for motor details but they were not helpful, just telling me it was "custom designed".
Any help here would be good.

I couldn't find a stepper with the "right" specs (whatever they may be) so I just took one with known specs I had in the junkbox.
I then calculated new values for the voltage divider feeding the stepper driver.

Unfortunately I didn't really document that part of the mod and I can't remember what stepper drivers is in use.
But if you google the partnumber on the stepper IC you will find a datasheet with all the relevant information.
It was easy enough to just bodge on a through hole resistor on one half of the voltage divider.

I hope you don't get dissuaded by all this, it is absolutely worth it getting away from that non standard nozzle system.

Very nice, does your placement maintain full XY access to the build platform? Not so concerned about Z

Almost, I haven't measured it but it's close enough for me not to worry.
You could probably shave some material of the side that mounts to the rail and regain a mm or two. But that would be a trade of for rigidity I haven't bothered trying.

If you'd like I can try to get some measurements later.