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by araymbox Mar 2, 2018
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hi, for make the gamePi 3 can i use all 5inch lcd or i must use only the raspberry screen?

Hey! Lovely design. Almost ready to go ahead having found some cheap deals on parts in the UK.
The only thing is the battery pack. As others have mentioned, it is discontinued/unable to find it without paying £20 from overseas.
Is there another battery/bank you would recommend?

https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B014MK8MK8 looks pretty cheap to me.
or use the updated case with separated batteries/electronics: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2911881

GamePi 2 - Update 1

Ah excellent. I am much more familiar with that type of battery tech.
Was there to way you could have printed a duel 18650 battery sled which could then be mounted to the inside of the case?
That what you could even make a battery pack door so that they can be serviced/changed out.

A couple things:

I wish I had read this about the powerbank being out of stock as I spent about 12 hours printing both the front and rear on my bed. It seems I might have to do a new rear at this point.

1) Isn't there an alternate powerbank electronics board we can use? The battery itself is only about $9 on ebay.
2) The speakers you linked to are out of stock and I can't seem to find them anywhere. EDIT: I ended up finding the speakers under a "UGTELL" name. picture is identical. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07BDJPZWL/

Minus those two things I am at $150 on Amazon. I want to make sure I can get ahold of all the parts before I actually place an order though.

Did you print this in PLA or ABS? If you printed it in PLA, how did you smooth it?

printed in ABS - read the linked instructable.

If I'm not too worried about post processing, would PLA work well?

yeah - PLA won't give you any issues

Awesome design, You mentioned about alternative back case designs for different powerbank electrics . The Gogyre batteries are obsolete now and cant seems to get them anywhere . Wasnt sure if you had uploaded yet as couldnt find them anywhere

does anyone know how to wire this board into the console. the electronics are different then the 5300

Thanks got one of those but they are becoming obsolete too . Haven't got all my components together yet but was concerned that this had a bigger sized power board and wasn't sure it would fit the case

See the added package "GamePi_2_case_back_S5000.zip". It includes a new back cover for the Intenso S5000 powerbank. I've not tested it. You can give it a try.

awesome , many thanks . ordered the batteries . will report back when had a chance to build

I'm totally new to 3d printing - if I tell the store on 3D Hubs to do 60% infill will this be fine? I'm worried they will infill the entire front/back case so it isn't hollow. Thanks!

regarding 3D prints the "infill" is the density of an object (orange stuff in the picture).
I'm sure the hub will know what is meant by "60% infill" :)

What are the specs on the powerbank?
also, what is the physical size of the batteries of the powerbank?
Can't find the same model so i'll have to choose another :(

See the added package "GamePi_2_case_back_S5000.zip". It includes a new back cover for the Intenso S5000 powerbank. I've not tested it. You can give it a try.

The electronics are different, are you sure that will fit?

The only thing you have to keep in mind is that the min. output current should be 2A.
The batteries are regular 18650 LiPos.

I'm going to release two additional versions of the back side of the case this weekend. They will support other power banks:

This is a really cool design. I'm going to see if I can figure out Fusion 360 enough to build one with a N64 button configuration.

do it! looking forward to see it.

Comments deleted.

Hello, im currenty designing my own handheld pi based console similar to yours but with differences to the control layout(more n64 style) what is the purpose of the 3 position switch? why not 2 if its main purpose is just on and off. unless im missing something? im new to this and this is my first time messing with circuits and arduino.

it can be used to redirect the power source. the power (battery) arrives at the center pin and can be redirected to a consumer on the left pin or on the right pin. in my case the pi is connected to the right pin and the left pin is free.
so if I slide the switch to the right, the center and the right pin are connected -> pi boots.
If I slide the switch to the left, the center and the left pin are connected -> nothing happens.
Left = off.
Right = on.

Of course you can use any other switch. With that less current (max. 1,9A) it doesn't matter.

I think his question was more why you decided to use a 3 position switch instead of just a 2 position switch.

well, it IS a 2 position switch. like I said it only has two positions. it not the number of pins.

The switch linked in the instructions is a 3 position, 6 pin switch. That's probably where the confusion is coming from.

oh no - you're totally right.
I've corrected the link. Thanks.

I think that just confused me more lol. if im understanding right when u switch to the right, system turns on then switch to the middle it will turn off? and switch to the left is off as well? so it goes, off....off...on?(left to right?) if that's the case would a 2 direction switch do the same thing? (sorry I am really new to this and am trying to learn as best I can)

Dude... outstanding work!

This is awesome!
I was thinking about how to add analog sticks to your first build, but now I saw the new version. I´ve built gameboy zero before, but wanted a bigger screen on my next build. This will be it.

Great job!

Thank you. Add you Make when you're done.

can i use teensy 2.0???

theoretically yes. but you need to rewrite the code since the button mapping differs. and the teensy 2 is missing the the 3.3V line so you need to use resistors or modify the code to correct the center position of the joysticks.

can i use something diferent than a teensy board???

Currently I am building a low cost version of this GamePi and try to replace the Teensy with an $6 arduino pro micro board.
If everything works fine I'm gonna write a new instructable.

I'm also interested on the arduino pro micro board due to the huge cost diference to the teensy.

As a newbie on electronics, I wonder why not use the nodemcu(for example)? the 5v?
The only other thing I'm missing are shoulder buttons. Do you plan to add them? why(to short on pins on the teensy?)

Also, congrats on this project! looks awesome and I can't wait to build it!

I'm using arduino based boards because I like the IDE and the huge community. there is always someone with a solution if you run into problems.

If you look at the back of the case of this design it has "shoulder buttons". They are not placed on the "shoulders" of the case because of a simple reason: designing holes on an round surface is a pain in the butt using Sketchup.
Currently I'm designing the new GamePi version using Fusion360 (that's why it takes so long). The shoulder buttons will move to the "shoulders" of the case.

First of all: Amazing work. Have seen quite a few of these but this one nearly ticked all the boxes.
A version with the shoulder buttons on the shoulders would be amazing. I'm going to keep an eye out for that version, even if it takes a while.

ohhh totally missed the shoulder buttons! sorry!
I'm making the buy list and I'm thinking of buying the arduino pro mini instead of the teensy.
So the pro mini seems to have 2 versions? 16mhz @ 5v and 8mhz @ 3.3v?
The 3.3v seems to be the correct choice as it would be a direct replacement(except pin layout)???(newb here...)
The 5v one would be a problem due to the voltage needed by the buttons?

sounds great man, will threre be space for speakers?

yes there will be speakers. (this one has a speaker as well)

okay:) sounds good.

I have seen builds on gameboy zero where they connect the cables straight to the gpio pins on the raspberry, but of course you need to code the raspberry pie.. The teensy lc is way easier.

reading the buttons via GPIO is not a problem. But reading the analog signals from the joysticks will be one.

très beau travail ! très propre

merci beaucoup

This is awesome. I've been reading through your liked Intructables and noticed that your links after Teensy LC are all the same and only link to the SD Card. Can't wait to start this project

Thanks for telling. I've corrected the links.