Star Trek Ascendancy Game Insert V4

by talker13 Mar 1, 2018
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Thanks for this design. I'm going to complete my set of this game here after christmas and need to get organized! :)

Maybe I’m too dense to see it. But why 7 civ trays? There are only 5 civs, 6 including Borg.

GF9 announced the Vulcan and Andorian races (In theory, due out any time now).

...and thirteen months later, they finally release... :D

I printed up the STA Insert V4-Token-Civilization.stl and ran into a problem. The divider running crosswise that meets the lengthwise divider and forms the pocket for the cards seems to be in a different location than the pictures show. This leaves the card pocket at 2.1" by 2.6". As the cards are about 2" by 3", they don't fit. The middle pocket is 2.6" by 4.2". The pictures make it look like it should be narrower.

I made a printed a quick-fix remix to allow the cards to fit: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3034250

Star Trek Ascendancy Game Insert V4 - Civilization Tray Fix
by ehlersd

I'm seeing the exact same thing myself. Looks like I may have to adjust the file myself...

Appreciate your great work and effort.
However, I printed a few parts and find the walls are too wide and require infill which prolong the print time significantly.
The parts are also too tall compared to the foam core inspiration resulting in a non flush box lid.

Definitely agree on the printing time. That’s often the case when the parts are adapted from fomecore plans.
I think thinner walls and bottoms will still be sufficiently strong and might give enough extra space for the stations maybe.
As for being flush. I think thats due to the system discs. They are as wide as the box is high. As soon as you put them in anything vertically it won’t be flush with the box.

Any solutions for a 200x200 print bed? This is fantastic, but I'm struggling to figure out how to print.

Ran into this same issue and had to learn TinkerCAD, but created my own one you can try here: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3520809

Star Trek Ascendancy Game Insert V4 Small Printer
by micahfk

I literally finished printing the other version last night around 10:30. Doh!