HEVO - XY carriage with DA15 connector for multiple head quick swap

by iCedric Mar 2, 2018
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Can you share an editable file with the attaching piece? this way i can try to tune it to make other heads like pen holder or dremel. Do you have a direct drive version? THANKS

Can you let me know how to mount them? i dont know where should i put the BLTouch spacer. Can i use endstop inboth X ends?Can you share the pcb file? THANKS

Any pictures or more info on height adjustment for new carriage? I love the original


It's a mistake, there is no heigth adjustement. I just would mean that i have move the position of the hotend fixation for better height use.
previous version was so close from the X carriage.

Nice design, how do you handle the wiring? could you post a wiring diagram? i'm especially curious with the dual extruder and dual fan setup, as you have just 15 pins. A general pinout would be very helpful, as i start first with a single extruder setup and maybe a laser in addition.


You can look at the pics for MY wiring diagram, I'm using DUET 3D with original smart BLTouch.
i'm using a self designed board for connections.

Before all, you have to check your controller.

In most of controller cards, grounds for fans, heaters, thermistor, and more, are the same. so you can just group them in one pin.
just check it with multimeter.

I have choose to not group heaters and thermistors :
Heaters for the power needed, thermistors because i'm using PT100 thermistors.
For fans on Duet, positives are common. the PWM is over negatives.

Nice Design. Can you also add a LM10LUU Version for the X carriage? That would be great!


You can find New X carriage for LM8 and LM10 long or short bearings.
Working with Igus.

Hi, great! Thank you very much!

X carriage X8 its for LM8uu ?

Yes, LM8UU or Igus