Kingdom Death Monster Gear Grid

by grayson1337 Mar 2, 2018
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What are the dimensions of the board? I thought it would fit on my MK3 but it apparently doesn't.

I just printed this. Awesome design! Do you have any suggestion how to get rid of the lines on the top layer? What settings did you used? Ironing on?

Hey grayson1337,

I saw in an earlier comment that you made a file with the wholes changed to fit coin cases (33mm). Are the files uploaded here or sent to the other person individually?

Also, did you cut the full file into the quartrs with TinkerCAD as well? I need to split it into only two halfs.


I actually found it; the one for capsules, right?

Hi, Your Board is Awesome :D

I am actually printing it and i have an Ask about it...

For what are the Dice by the Lantern ?
Hit by xx
Crit by xx
or how many Lanterns you rolled in your Life? :)

Answer is easy, it's your current survival ;-)

Ahh cool okay :)

another Ask :)
Can you maybe make in the 4 Tiles Version Holes for Magnets?
Maybe 3mm x 1mm for Round Magnets? :)

Your design is awesome. I am printing a remix of your version because its already split into 4 parts so I can fit it on my Ultimaker3 build plate.
Thank you very much.

Keep in mind that the remix is not designed for the dice. The creator of the remix uses some kind of Tokens found on Boardgamegeek. But since not everybody has a large printer or knows how to split the part in 4 i'll add a splited version later this day. thanks for the reminder.
P.s: Thx for the donation you tried to give me. Paypal is now activated in my account settings. :-)

Is there any chance to add small magnet holes to the other sides of the split version (like you have for the survivor board) so that the split version snaps together as well?

If not, I will try and go remix it but I figured I'd ask first.


Did you ever remix to add the magnets. I have printed half of one of these so far and thought that it would be nice to add the magnet capabilities. Either that or instead of it being cut into 4 rectangles, have the pieces fit with slot/tabs.

hey sorry for the late reply - yeah I remixed it

and I plan on remixing the survivor board that's split too, but I'm short on time at the moment


Kingdom Death Monster Magnetic Gear Grid

Yes they are for tokens, but would fit somewhat smaller than standard dice as well, or a single die not adjacent to another (already printed the first part). If you get around to split it I will need to print your version too and then decide :)

Good to know then you have a donation incoming.

splitted parts uploaded. Enjoy :-)

Very cool thanks a lot. Depending on how fast I finish the other one I might start sunday making your version, and will post it once its done. Maybe I should go down with the infill the 50% I used for the first is really massive. Had some problems with structures falling appart, debris everywhere, though that stopped since switching from ABS to PLA. (different print projects)
So yeah this thank you post got long :P still in the process of learning as you see.

i used PLA, 15% infill 190/65 °C Black Janbex filament, 2 bottom layers, 4 top layers, 2mm layer height and had really good results. no need for that much infill. cheers :-)

These look awesome!

Looking forward to see the complete set with survivor sheet.

If I can find a way to make space for tokens in capsules I might just have to find someone to print these for me!

You can use Tinkercad. It's free and easy to use. Just edit the stl, define a cylinder as a "hole" and with a diameter of your capsules and cut it out.

Holy exploding heads, this is amazing. One question - how do the L/H bits work? It looks like there is a little insert for each hit location, and then a separate marker for Light and one for Heavy? So for one survivor board, you'd need 5 inserts and 10 total markers? Or am I totally misunderstanding.

I printed 20 L-wound marker and 20 H-wound marker in total. You would rarely need that many but it is the maximum possible (5 L and 5 H for each survivor). The base of the markers are U-Shaped and fit tightly into square of the hit location as shown in one of the pictures. For example if any survivor suffers a light wound in the Arms you just take one token and place it either at the top or the bottom of the Arms symbol. Up to you. If the survivors suffers an additional wound in the arms you can just take the H-wound token and place in the free space or replace the L-Token. Again it's up to you :-) The "insert" is definitly not necessary for the board. I just added it for storage because i designed it anyways. In my case i glued it into the dicecase for each survivor. I'll attach a picture. You could store all 20 Tokens in the box or print out 4 for each survivor.

Ah, gotcha! I almost want to buy a 3d printer just to be able to print these.

I could print these for you but i would have to charge you a bit for materials and printing time. It would sum up to 25€ for each board. So 100€ in total + shipping.

Hi. Amazing Design! Is the printing offer still open? Cheers

Appreciate the offer man! I'm pretty much set on getting my own printer at this point.

Damn it! I just finished printing out a set of the awesome KD gear boards from ashdodge here: https://www.thingiverse.com/make:445505

Now I have to print out another full set of these beautiful bastards because they are gorgeous and insanely functional. Also I'll need to buy a few dozen more d10s :/

A couple questions:

It looks like you are using sleeved cards with this, how tight is the fit and what sleeves are you using (I have paladins)?
What filament did you use to get such a nice stony grey color?
Do you have an expectation for when the character sheet addon will be completed?
What is the depth of the 3mm magnets are you planning on using?

Kingdom Death: Monster Gear Tray - Lantern

I use Mage Sleeves and there ist still space of about 1mm in all directions. I printed with PLA janbex Filament @200/60°C. the stony look came by painting these things. I used mechanicus grey Primer (in a spray can) than painted it with celestra grey, washed it with drakenhof nightshade and drybrushed with skull white. (All colors by Citadel) The cracks are painted on with white and black.
As for the survivor boards i reckon in the next few days a preliminary version will be ready. Right now i'm at a stage of fine tuning.
The magnets are 3x1 mm. Thats enough to keep the two boards nice and firm together while laying on the table. But keep in mind that this won't be strong enough to carry both around while only holding one board.

Awesome, thanks for all the hard work! I have some drakenhof nightshade and some 3x2mm magnets lying around, I figure I can press the magnets in with a soldering iron to get them to stick and recess that extra millimeter. Super excited for the character sheet addon! I need to order some more black/grey filament!

Enjoy my friend :-) And as a little hint...your soldering iron will be needed again for the survivor board...because LEDs :-)

Wow! How do I buy these?

Are the token holes big enough for tokens in coin capsules

I guess not. They fit more or less exactly the tokens. Bu tyou could easily adjust the size

Do you have the original files to adjust the token area to fit coin capsules? It looks like there's probably enough room to move them up to fit the added diameter. They'll probably need to hang over on the right edge, but that will also help make it easier to take them out of the grid. Would you rather have the measurements of the capsules or let someone adjust the original? I'm not sure how to edit straight from an STL.

the original file is more or less a stl file as well. i designed it with tinkercad and it does only let you export the file as stl. Give me the dimensions and i cut out the sizes for the capsules. no worries

Diameter of 33mm and a height of 7mm, thanks!

height of 7mm in comparison to height of 2mm per token is a big drawback. Only 1 token will fit into each slot of you don't make your board much thicker (it's 8mm thick right now)

I think if it gets too wonky I can just make a slim sleeve to keep the tokens in check. The current height should be fine. Thanks!

Upload done. Sadly my last changeable version had the holes already cut out so it was impossible without a lot effort to space the tokens farther apart. I hope you like it anyways. cheers

I'll see if I can open them in TinkerCAD and figure out how to move them. Thanks!