iPhone X Ultimate dock (case compatible)

by Shodan Mar 3, 2018
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Love this dock so much looks the part printed easy enough my only issue is that it’s so light that when I try to remove my phone the dock lifts would have loved to see a few areas to fix it down to a desk

This is awesome, I am glad you included the template, which I printed first, only to realize that I have an iPhone X s Max and not a regular iPhone X. How could I have overlooked that? D'oh! Any chance of you ever uploading one for the X Max?

Hi, should I use supports for the model with everything?

Few things to note here:

  1. The watch charger doesn't fit flush, the section where the wire goes out the back is up to high and needs to go down a bit so it fits flat, it's functional, but watch sits on a noticeable slant.

  2. Adding the lightning cable is a bit tough and I had to remove the rubber from around the base for it to fit in there flush.

  3. The gap on the sides of the phone are a bit too much and create a bit of a wiggle could pull it in a few mm.

I really like the design and with a bit of fine tuning it could be the best apple multi dock out there.

Note: I printed the Phone + Watch model.

is it compatible with an iPhone 6S and if no, is there a way to modify your iPhone 6S + Apple Watch dock to an iPhone 6S + Apple Watch + AirPods dock?

No, this dock is not compatible with iphone 6s. Unfortunatly, I have no plan to update my previous design to add airpods. Sorry.

Is this also available for a iPhone 7?

Not from me, but it seals there are derivatives on Thingiverse for iPhone 7.

Define “thin case?” I have a Rhinoshield case on my phone.

You may have noticed that I added a « template » in the file. It prints quite fast, and it is here to check if you case is compatible with the dock.

Does this also works for iPhone XR?

Since Xr has different dimensions, I doubt this dock is compatible with it.

Unfortunately no. I printed one and turns out that it's just a smidge too small for the XR (and definitely too small for XR with a case.

any chance you would share the design files? i love this design and would love to see an iphone xs max version

You must have a super super crazy thin case.. My Speck case is pretty thin but won't fit. Tried my GF's case which is smaller than mine and no go either.

Cool Idea though

Comments deleted.

Hey Shoadan, absolutly love the design! Would it be possible to get a file for iphone 7/8 with Airpods?

Thank you! :)

Hello Shodan, can you kindly mod this dock to fit an iPhone 6S Plus? or do you have one that will fit the phone with a case on it? Thanks a million.

Apple watch charger or cables fits well? Or I need to sand holes or ticks Horizontal expansion at Cura/Simplify? Is it better to print the model directly or the part of the watch splitted? I do not know what would come out with cure supports.

Thanx 4 all!!!

PD: What is the belt of Apple Watch photo?

You do not need to sand anything for the watch charger and cable. Just print with your usual profile and it should work.
I printed it both splitted and in one piece. For the one piece version I used PVA for support (I have 2 extruders) and it went fine. It may not be as good if you use the same extruder for the support, and I’m quite sure sanding will be necessary in this case to fully remove support.
For the watch belt, it’s a cheap chinese copy of the Apple link bracelet. You can find it on amazon for around 35$ : https://www.amazon.fr/Bracelet-Sanday-Inoxydable-Replacement-Fermoir/dp/B019GTEGFK/ref=sr_1_14?ie=UTF8&qid=1522620178&sr=8-14&keywords=apple+watch+bracelet

Would it be possible for you to make an Airpod & Apple Watch only version? I charge my phone on a wireless charging pad, but I would love to be able to charge my airpods and watch on this type of stand! If you made this is solidworks or something where it would be a pain to make then don't bother, but if it wouldn't be too much work, I'd greatly appreciate it!

I will add the model with airpod and watch only as soon as I can spend some time on it.

Much appreciated! What software did you design this in if you don't mind me asking? I have always had issues designing parts that interface with rounded/filleted edges (aka basically every recent apple product LOL).

That's exactly what I would need but I have an iPhone 7 =(
Great job though! Looks amazing

I am new to 3d printing. is there a way to add a little space between the phone and watch so you can have the watch charge horizontally and it displays the large time? thats what i am looking for...

You won’t be able to activate nightstand mode with this dock since the angle for the watch is not sufficient.
However, Apple has plan to add the nightstand mode also in portrait mode with next watchOs 4.3. So it may work also with this dock.

Hi mate, this is fantastic! I know this is a big ask, but, I'm still on an iPhone 7 Plus and was wondering if you have an (ultimate) version for that? If not, would you be willing to share your original 3D files so I can remix it? Thanks in advance!

I will consider your request.
In the meantime, there are alreday bunch of remix of my previous dock for iPhone ‘plus’ version on Thingiverse ... Try to do a search, what you are looking for may already exist.

Brilliant design! Would you mind to add a version with dock for the iPhone X and AirPods (without watch)?
That’ll be awesome.

iPhone X and Airpods version has been added !
Enjoy your print !

Thanks a lot! Will upload a photo when it's printed.