Android Body for Google Home Mini

by RAY_Design Mar 3, 2018
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Oh my god, this is fantastic! I was going to print out a simple wall plug hanger for the Google mini, but not anymore!!! Thanks for making it!

Great Design! Just printed all the smaller parts now I am short prior making the body. Littlebit scared, S3D calculates 24h printing time upside down with supports...is that roughly correct? Layer 0,2 Speed 55 mm/s, Infill 20%

That makes sense.. Took me about 11-12 hours to print on my Prusa i3 MK2.
You could try to make your support less dense (nobody will see the inside anyway), or maybe flip it 180 degrees and print it on its feet (but that may require lower speed because it would have such a small contact area with the bed).

Either way, best of luck!

why is it android if the product is google

I printed it one and the result is the one I expected! https://www.thingiverse.com/make:474870
I'll check how to add an external battery now in order to be able to move it without any constraints;

Android Body for Google Home Mini
by jbx028

Thanks for sharing and I will get one printed for sure very soon because I love it!
I would like to put into his body, a battery pack (5.5A/22500mHa) in order to be able to move this lovely home mini everywhere at home with me.
Battery pack for google home is discussed here:


Great idea! let me know if you think any model changes are necessary to help with the battery.

What I am going to do is to print one with www.3dhubs.com and then perhaps make a small hole with a drill in the back. The idea is that the battery should easily removed to charge it or why not find a way to charge it by keeping it in the body.
Hard to say without the first model a real model in front of me. Do you see any constraints already on your side?

That should work just fine - it's easy to remove the home mini from the body so it wouldn't be a problem to take it off so you could access the battery to recharge it whenever you want

Thanks for confirming me. As soon as I have something to share, I'll posted it here!!

Just downloaded, starting print as I type.

Thank you for the model!

This is brilliant! I'd recommend printing in ABS and giving it a thorough acetone smooth.

What brand and color filament did you use? I've been looking for that color for something else.

This was AIO Robotics' AIOBRIGHTGREEN PLA (https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01HYYPM84/).
Been using them lately and pretty satisfied overall. I like that you can get 0.5kg spools for roughly the same price (per kg) as a 1kg roll, and the quality is pretty consistent.

(Edit: direct linking doesn't seem to work, but you can copy/paste the URL above, or just search for that product name wherever you shop)

I'm extremely new to 3-d printing so I was wondering what the scale is it keeps poping up as millimeters but that seems small.

Millimeters is the correct scale - some of the parts (e.g. antennae, eyes, connecting pins) are indeed pretty small - as narrow as 3mm in some cases. The body is roughly 10cm (100mm) wide.

I love it I'm going to try it !
No Prusa thought ...
Yet !
Thanks ! :)

Awesome, good luck! let us all know how it turned out, or if you have any questions or comments!