Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Lil Chunky - Remote Direct Extruder

by SvnoyiWaya Mar 4, 2018
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Have been following this project kudos to SvnoyiWaya. Have you completed and tested yet?

unfortunately not, this will be higher on my priorities after i finish my current printer build. thanks for the kudos :)

You have my support if I can help in anyway (printing and testing etc.) as I'm a huge fan of open source development. One thing I noticed was no option for mounting or maybe I didn't see it.

I have not setup mounting yet either, my plan is for a standard groove mount. I also intend on making some modifications for bondtech gears in the extruder body.

I have looked at the BMG extruder with bondtech gear. I have also envisioned using 90deg angle gear.

Well, a large part of the exercise is to be able to print as much as possible. The availability of products may vary, and its quite possible that the dimensions may vary. If a print isnt dimensionally accurate, ypu can just adjust and print a replacement :)

Word, thank you.

Can you link to the flexible shaft you are using? I see some off market ones for dremels on amazon but I’m unsure what kind of coupler would be used?


(Hope this link works) this is what i have, but i havent designed the couplers yet.

Link doesn't work anymore.
did you tested it already?

I have not fully completed or tested, the search parameters of " rotary tool flex shaft" should find you something usable :)

Very interested in trying this out. It looks like you missed a file during upload, though. Looks like there should be some kind of shaped shaft to connect the spur gear to the hobbed gear. Can you please upload? Thanks! :)

Edit: Any chance you could upload a STEP file while you're at it?

ive updated the spur gear to accept a shaped 5mm shaft. I dont think i can get Blender to export a STEP file, but if i can figure out how i will add it.

Where can I get a shaped 5mm shaft that isn't connected to a motor?

I plan on using a long 5mm bolt with a section that doesnt have threads, and then grinding it into shape.