Hyperlite Flowride Session case

by Davschall Mar 5, 2018
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Hey buddy, is there a chance you could help me out with a 20° version of this for freestyle?


Sorry for the late reply! I uploaded the stl and step files for a 20* version, hopefully they work out, the legs may be a bit more fragile because there is less material connecting them but it should be good!

hey pretty sure this guy is stealing your design and selling it, might wanna contact him

Comments deleted.

Once again...I dont consider it stolen...the files are pretty obviously from my thing(it would be very difficult to replicate some of the "similarities" seen in the pictures)...its public domain so they are free to take the files and use them to sell, which seems to be pretty clearly what they've done. So lets not tell people to get a life...also your account looks suspiciously new...not saying it is but very few people on here have 0 of anything...so if its you who is using the files...get over it, and dont come here mucking up this page, when I dont actually care if someone uses the files to sell a printed part...

Thanks for looking out! I actually consider this public domain so I'm not too concerned about whomever is selling it, credit would be cool but I'm not too concerned about that either. I just wanted a mount so I designed it, and tossed it up on thingiverse for others. Its really not that difficult of a design and i dont get why he didnt just design one but meh. Once again thank you for letting me know!