CR-10 Fan Mod - Airflow Optimization

by Gabriel3DCaster Mar 4, 2018
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Hi nice work! is it possible that you share the fusion 360 file so I can add edit it? thank you in advance

I printed one them. Duct is leaking air from the back. I don't think is right. I printed it at 90% flow, and I think that the neck that get inserted on the blower is smaller than stock one and the air is leaking that way.

Wow, this thing really works. I've been having problems getting a lot of pillowing with some filaments on the first and second layers when printing fairly large plaques. Decided to try this yesterday since I had to replace the cooling fan due to a couple of broken blades anyway. Printed the duct first, and then changed the fan and duct. Finished late last night and started a plaque a few minutes ago. First layer printed perfectly at .2mm resolution and the 2nd layer is also laying down a perfectly flat print with absolutely NO pillowing. Outstanding design sir.

Hi! Great job!
What about share model file (.step or something)?
I have moved Ender-3 head box upper 10mm so need blower a little bit longer. But stl files not possible to change.

Great design. Works so well ive had to drop fan speed down to 30% to prevent lamination issues between layers.

Nice work!
Thanks for the model, im going to print it now :)

Printed wonderfully on my Ender 3 pro. I did my first run of a 0.2 mm nozzle and printed at 0.1 mm layer height. Hatchbox PLA at 190°C
It printed flawlessly. (I printed the "New Version".)
My dial indicator holder still slips on over this one too, which is a big plus.
Now to do some run with the new duct and see how it works for me.

Thanks for the info!

It's easy to print, easy to install, doesn't interfere with print, and I think I can actually see a little difference to stock. I used it on Ender 5 with no problem. Also its very light. Only think I could wish is for it to also blow from the left side, but other then that its great.

I printed this for my Ender 5 but it rubs the bed. Did you have to lower your nozzle? Curious as to why it works for you but doesn't at all for me.

Printed and fitted in super quick time.. Works great too..

Will this fit cr10s S4 machine

printed perfectly. I noticed better bridging and slightly better overhangs immediately.(new mod with the angled duct)


Printed quite a few variations of this airflow mod and the 'Fan Mod New Version' is the only one that fitted well on both my Ender3 and Ender5. As for print improvements, for now too early to tell, but I am not having any issues currently (or worse print) while using this mod. Thanks for sharing!

could you post your s3d fff profile in here as the link makes loads of pop ups and i cant get the profile

I have an HE3D K280 that has the same fan, but my nozzle is centered instead of off to the left. Can I get the original file so I can modify it to center the duct?

Printed and..it works! :D This is the first model ive found on Thingiverse that actually does what its created to do...

Hey, really nice design! Could you maybe send me a step version of both? I need to mirror it!

mirror it in your own 3d software? :)

Beautiful fit, lovely model, well done !

Downloading now. Your Gcode did not work on my 5S, which is perfectly okay. Just wanted you to know. I have a Swiss Allmetal Hot end and the 180 temp was moved back to the 210 for the carbon fiber PLA I wanted to use. Just an FYI, but stoked as hell to try it out once it is done! Also my Gcode will have me done at 21 min vs the 28 your Gcode had stated FWIW.

Thanks again and look forward to using your fan mod!!!

Okay the guy who said the fan duct ruined his fan was probably right on if he did not clean out the infill if he used his own Gcode. FYI you may want to state that. I actually blew through it once completed (my mouth on part) and it was 100% blockage. I used a paperclip to clear out the duct channels. It had quite a bit in (from my settings at least 10%) but once cleared out is a flow monster! You may want to warn folks about this. this part will allow me to get things done till I can purchase fans for Fang or other bigger mods. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Hey there! Excellent mod! Just though of putting this here - I fixed the dimensions for the Ender-3 fan fit(where users had the problems of it fitting inside of the fan). I used the top part of the standard Ender-3 CAD files for the fan mod.

I have tried a couple different ducts with my stock Ender 3 hot end and this one is producing excellent results. I am not getting any stringing on overhangs until 80°.

Will This Work On The New 2018 Tevo Tornado?

The part was desingned to fit the CR10 blower, but It may fit other printers (like the it fitted the ender 3 as some users have reported to me).
I don't know if the part fits on the Tevo Tornado printer, but if you give it a try and it fits it please do let me know :)

OK I just tried it and everything lines up and fits together perfectly but unfortunately it’s about 2-3mm too low and it hits the bed.

Anyone have the modified STL for the ender 3 with the silicone sock? Printing the "new version" now on my SLA machine but not sure if that will fit now by reading some of the comments.

I might can modify it in Fusion if the only issue would be extending the body .7-.8 mm to drop the nozzle lower?

Just mounted and seems it has to be extended much more than 0.8mm. I didn't measure it (another print in progress) but looks like a gap between the duct and bed is ~2-3mm wide. Check my make photo posted here.

I have posted modified version for Ender 3 with silicon sock. Now I have v3 version of this mod. I have made an water air flow test with v2 version, and it seems that air flow was little too far from nozzle. Here is v3 version and now water test shows that air flow is almost direct bellow nozzle.


Ender 3 Fan Mod - Airflow Optimization

Thank you - fits better :)

Comments deleted.

Blowed up my fan because of too much air blockage

Oh come on now , let's be serious. That's the silliest thing I have ever heard and Gabriel was being nice below but that's improbable if not impossible and rude to be honest.

Well, that has never happen to anyone to my knowlege... which file were you using and which printer do you have?
Sorry to hear that anyway

Thank you, very cool!

The two little holes for the screws stop printing after a couple of layers...the following filament layers simply don´t connect anymore...has anyone an idea what settings I might have to change? stock cr10. stock settings. 0.1 lh / speed 60 / infill 10

Hello :) If you own a CR10 you can use my gcode (which is in the files section).
I've also put a link in the description to download my simplify3D profile if you want to use it.
This should fix it!

Wow... nicely modeled... Found this because I had the same idea. Thanks for sharing yours.
But... I have ordered the same fan and planning on mounting it on the other site. So I have cooling from both sides. This could be done by slightly modifying the metal fan case. This would require a modified version of your fan mod because it has a bit more distance to the nozzle. I could design a remake of your thing but maybe you would join me in this spinoff?

Prints fine from Cura 3.5. 200c nozzle, 40c bed with PLA. Stock settings, "fine" preset. Running the Creality CR10s and supplied filament.

Great mod many thanks ! The normal model just fist perfectly on my CR-10s.
The print in black filament is gorgeous !!

The only thing I noticed on my print is a little mess on the bottom layer as the bottom surface is not flat. So printing without "supports" leads to overhangs that by chance didn't prevent printing...

I guess your slicer is doing some weird things, you can use my gcode if you want :) (in the files section)

Hi! This part does not fit well to new Ender-3 revisions with silicon sock on nozzle. First - it touches the silicon sock, and melts there (made from ABS and printed ABS). Second - too small width of mount holes - it can be mounted but hard. I have made remix to fit Ender-3 but can't publish - your thing license does not allow remixes. Added also photos of remixed version as proof that it fits :)

After couple of prints I have made v2 version. This version has shorter duct. Silicon sock on the nozzle of Ender-3 has very pool heat isolation, so normal version of this duct was heating a lot - the duct after a while of printing was so hot that it can't be touched. Air inside was heated very quick, so cooling wasn't effective. This shortened version isn't heating so much from silicon sock, so air that exits duct is more cooler - pressure of air hitting print is smaller, but I think that is enough and still better than stock.

Hey what print settings do you have for this model? I'm using PLA and I wanted to ensure that I had the right settings before printing it out

0.1 layer height, Slic3r PE standard speeds and wall (extrusion width 0.44, count 2) settings. No supports. For shortened v2 version PLA should be enough, but I recommend ABS - that silicon sock has very poor heat isolation and near nozzle is really very hot.

So which file fits the ender 3

Hi, for the ender 3 don't use the gcode. The gcode is for the CR-10/10s. Use the STL for the ender 3.
Wish you a happy new year!

But which stl do we use for the ender 3

I don't own an Ender 3, but may users have tried the new version on the Ender 3 and have had no problem with it. Check the "makes" section on this part :)

ooou, if I could get the profile that would be great - I really need to learn how to use them correctly. I don't know how to do the custom things at all :D

I've posted a link on the description with a link to my profile :)

Wish you a happy new year!

I printed this part with no brim at 75mm a second with no warping or lack in detail. great design!

Nice Work,I would like to try your profile too. Can u send me your profil please?

I would like to try your profile too. Can u send me your profil please?:)) Nice Work!

Would you mind sending me your profile as well? great print!

What an awesome fitness and gcode overall. May I ask how your regular settings are? Because they seems to be right far from my own settings :-D

Thanks for an awesome piece!

I've sent you a message with my profile :)

Same here...I tried the fan duct with stock settings and the small holes for the screws weren't continued after a couple of layers...and only the top middle part continued printing...so a proper profile would be very helpful :) thanks in advance.

I'd really like to try your profile too please :-)

Just printed and fitted this.

Superb work, I was going to slice it in Cura but I decided to try your gcode instead - wow fantastic job I was very impressed with the settings which were far from my 'ideal' settings and dubious it would print without supports.

The part came out fantastic and fitted straight in, no clearance issues.

Thank you so much for your hard work, it is appreciated.

Thank you for you feedback!

Having you settings dialed in for your printer really is the key for successful prints. I've used Cura in the past, but now I've been using Simplify 3D. Both are good. I've just settled in S3D because I managed to create a really good profile for my CR10 with that slicer. If you want to try my S3D profile I can send it to you :)

That gcode is close to perfection, would be much interested in your S3D profile =)

Sent you a message :)

Appreciate the offer but I don't own S3D, it's on my wish list for future purposes when I can afford it though, even more so now I've seen it's gcode in action.

I've been using your airflow optimisation for a few days and clearly getting better results, tempted to reprint this again to compare.

Thanks again for your generosity :)

Comments deleted.

Tried the new version on my cr-10, there isnt enough clearance on the build plate to fit 2 sheets of paper and barely one. Seems far too close to the print for my comfort.

Perfect fit on my CR-10S and works great. Great design. Thank you!

The big one if you make it 0.7mm taller will fit properly on ender 3! If you want I can send you the file. No credit needed

So, no reply, was this done? Is the 0.8 the one for ender 3?
(mine fitted looks like it's pointing straight AT the nozzle)

Comments deleted.

Thank you! And you're welcome :)

Hello, awesome design, i printed it but as it turned out it blows air too high for the cr 10 4s.
Could you send me the step files so I make the necessairy changes to make it fit my printer? would be fantastic.
Best Regards

Hi, I think that the diesign is not correct as it blows on the nozzle but not on the model. I tried to print with TPE filament and even on 250c it can't be extruded. If fan off - no probs. The similar problem with petg - it delaminates. I have changed to ring type blower mod - again no problems.

Hi, thank you for the design. It works better than a few others I've tried. Would you consider changing the license to allow remixes though? I think adjusting airflow to point a little more down would help.

I always give proper credit on my remixes. Just check! :)


I don't want people to post remixes of my creations, sorry. But feel free to modify it as you wish for yourself!

Happy printing!

Interesting. Ok, I will remake from scratch and post that instead. Thank you for the design.

Did you remake?

For me the nomal version is to short.

Hello, what is the model on this Image? The shorter one or the original one?

If you want me to make the part a bit lower for you, I can do It :)

That would be great. 1,3mm lower. And the inlet like the picture. thx

I've been Busy lately but I will post an upgraded version as soon as I can :)

I will message you when I upload It

I have the same problem with the standard one on an Ender 3. slightly too short, rests on the heat block just like the photo above

I made this for my Ender-3. All ok! Thx!

Does anyone know if this will work with a Ender 2?


I don't think that the Ender 2 has the cooling fan that the CR10 does, correct me if I'm wrong please.

So if the printer head is different from the CR10 then the answer is probably no :/

Oh I'm going to print this first thing tomorrow haha...I don't know how reviews didn't point this out as a huge flaw of the printer, but the fan on the CR-10S blows on the heat block and nozzle, not on the actual print...When I set the temperature for the hotend to 210 deg C I get cold extrusion (lots of delamination, matte finish) when printing a vase at a modest 60 mm/sec with PLA that works just fine on my other printer at 195 deg C...I have to set it to 220-230 to get a decent adhesion and that to me means that the heating block itself is a good 20 deg C hotter than the nozzle, due to the fan actively cooling the latter...This is a huge issue! I'm just baffled by the fact it's not all over then internet...I mean I did read about the layer cooling fan not being ideal, but not that you'll have print failures because of the horribly directed air flow...

Hello :)

Please let me know if you liked my mod when you print it!

Hello! Yes it works, I modified it a bit so it goes even lower, and it seems to have improved the issue I was having. Thank you very much!

is this thing printble in PLA? will it print asap and leave my review here

Yes :)

I've printed this part in PLA and had no problem with it up to to this date!

Printed the Standard version right now. But doesn't fit for STOCK CR10 because the bottom surface is too low. I will print the "-0.8 mm version" right now and I will give you a feedback afterwards.

Hello again,

You are not the only one having this issue.
I had no problem instaling my part on my CR10, but it seems that you and another person are having issues with this.
Can you sent me a picture of the part mouted on you printer so you can help me troubleshoot this problem?
I will notify you when I update the part.
Have you used a raft for this print?
Rafts increase the height of the part. Use a brim instead of rafts for this part.

Thank you!

Hello Gabriel,
Nice simple design but on my CR-10 S the lower part touches the build plate and pushes the thing being printed!
I tried increasing the screw holes but that is not enough.
I used .2 layers, 30% infill with raft on my CR-10S.
Maybe the geometry is different on a CR-10 and CR-10S ?
A CR-10 S remix might be needed.

Hello JM Van Laethem,

Have you checked If the screws of your X carrier are too loose? If they are too loose that issue may happen (I've tried it myself).
I have uploaded a shorter version of the part to solve this problem anyway :)

Best regards,

Thanks Gabriel,
I'll print and try the shorter version.
I'll send pictures.
Thanks again.

UPDATE after I printed and fitted the new version .8 mm thinner.
Still does not fit.
At the home position, I still cannot slide a piece of paper underneath, with bed level ok.
The picture shows that another reduction of .8 mm is needed (.4 move up of the Z axis is not enough).
The original part is 9.3 mm high, the mod2 part is 12.5 high.

One last try and we have a CR-10 S version!
Thank you Gabriel for your responsiveness.

Hello again,

I've seen he picture you sent me.
By the looks of it the part seems tilted towards the nozzle and looks that this is the problem (?) Correct me if I'm wrong please.

I will notify you as soon as I upload another version.

I've read now that you are using a raft.
Rafts will increase the Z height of the part. That may have caused the issue. I recommend you to use a brim and not a raft.
Or did you want to say brim instead of raft?

Hello Gabriel,
The "-0.8 mm version" is perfect when printed, without raft, on the CR-10 S.
You were right, the part was tilted toward the nozzle, probably due to the heat I applied to "clean" the surface when finished printing.
The part is very thin and any heat will probably bend it.
Sorry about the scare.
Thanks for your help in finding the problem.
Take care