Fillenium Malcon Easy Print Remix

by wbrucem Mar 5, 2018
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Lol, I glued the butt on upsidedown, perhaps add a third pin so this is not possible. Looks pretty good, but had to cut the landing gear off the roof.

Does somebody have a stand for it? Would be great.

This printed great on my Prusa Mk3S at 100%, Solutech white PLA, 215/60, 0.15 layer, 0.4 extrusion width, 0.4 nozzle, 2 bottom layers (3 would be better to support the alignment pin sockets), 2 outer layers and 5 top layers. I was surprised in particular how well the landing gear and the cockpit bulkhead printed. I used a couple of layers of purple gluestick on the smooth PEI spring steel bed because I have been having problems with adhesion. I am very happy with the result. Thanks for sharing!

Did you use any infill ?

WARNING this WILL not turn out great. there are countless details that are hanging in mid air and will fail. i scaled this up 200% and woke up this morning to a ton of nasty details. it printed successfully but looks absolutely wretched. look elsewhere for a better optimized file

Don't be an idiot. There are 107 different makes and all look great. The problem is you have a garbage printer with a garbage setup.

How could this possibly be printed without supports? The landing gear in particular has 90 degree overhangs.

It's called bridging.

I don't see how you printed the back half, there are countless details just floating in mid air, not even bridges, just 100% floating with no connection.

it millennium falcon

Tried the 3 part print, Front 1st, went fine and looks great. Back next, printed OK but minor problems as predicted.

Printed the middle part, it fell over after about 8 hours.

The problem with the middle part on the 3 part one is the widest point prints at the top and so is just asking for trouble while printing.

Might have a go with some form of raft or brim or something next, but if anyone else already found a way, please let me know.

I love this design, I am going to try to print it soon, I think. Have you considered something like this: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3218332
It's based on the snap pins that hold Emmet's cube gears together, I reworked it a lot to allow the ability to scale them to any size. they allow for glueless assembly of pretty much anything, both rotating and non-rotating joints

Modified Parametric Pin Connectors (Round and Pointed, with Customizer)
by acwest

As I see in the attached files of this this amazing looking remix, I am wondering how many support pegs you need, and I don't see (i may might not be trying hard enough) i don't see the specifications for how many support pegs needed, i would love if you could tell me.

It's 2 pegs for each "joint", so the 2-piece version requires 2 pegs, or 4 pegs if you print it in 3 parts.

Flipped the lower half so that it prints with the small overhangs, and added tower supports to the landing gear as well as the sides for additional support while printing.

How did you specify where to have supports? Or did you just block out the areas to remove other supports?

Cura has a supports plugin that allows for user-generated tower-style supports. Just drop it into the plugins folder and restart Cura. There's YouTube videos explaining how to do it.

Great, thanks clippy!

Posting for laughs... ran out of model cement so tried Super Glue. Yeah, nah. Don't do that. Bonds instantaneously in the wrong position.

Comments deleted.

Hi, file FilleniumMalcon-MiddleThird.obj, 373 level (with 0.2 level), some peace "flyin in the air" without infill (by cura)
any ideas?

I like this, but not necessarily the landing gear. Could you possibly do one sans landing gear?

landing gear on the bottom are not properly attached in Simplify 3D

Thank you for this thing! Thumbs up to you!

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Hey could you possibly split the front half into 2 sections for me as I am printing a very large one

I've read comments about problems with the rear half. Would scaling down a bit help with those problems?

Hi is there any chance you can upload stl files of these parts? This is an awesome print and Id love to have it but I can only print it if its in an stl file format.


There are many free tools that can convert to STL for you. Search for "convert obj to stl" which will provide plenty of options and tutorials.

The bottom half of this model does not slice correctly in Simplify3D (The top half is fine), i have tried to correct it but to no avail. The landing gear on the bottom are not properly attached :/


On further inspection these defects are also present prior to slicing and can be seen in meshmixer also.

I'm printing it now, and I just figured out why the bottom half prints poorly. The model was cut in half and flipped over, so it doesn't print correctly. Each one of the small cutaways that give it that "made from panels" look are actually pointed upwards (to make the small overhangs print better), so when the model was flipped upside down, small tips of each shape are printed in mid-air, causing loose filament strings that sag away from the model. Print the bottom with a raft and flip it so that the pegged half faces up.

I see the same thing in Slic3r PE but if you inspect the model closely (See attached image) you will notice that it is actually like that in the model (an error from my perspective) so when scaling it up you may have problems printing it. Too bad since this looks like an awesome print to do at large scale.

You can see the error more clearly in this image from Fusion 360. I would fix it but I am a total noob on model design and correction :(

I made one, it printed without supports as described. I printed in 75% of scale with Anycubic I3. Small issue with alignment of halves, but I'm ok with it (bed temp too high or b/c scale change?) Alignment pegs also different size than alignment hole (pegs too large, used drill, then np.

I would print this again.

Would it be possible to resize this for Star Wars: Legion game? It would need to be 608mm long and 430.5mm wide to fit with the scale of the game. That would mean cutting it into six parts. Possible?

Grab meshmixer and make it so

First off... Thank you SO MUCH for posting this remix! :)

I've just finished the front half, printed at 320% scale and just under 900 grams. It's freaken' HUGE!
420mm wide and just under 400mm high.
This was a 10 day print at 0.1mm.
Maybe at a very small scale it could print without infill, but... for this size you MUST have some infill.
There are many areas that start 'in mid-air' such as the section between the four upright pillars. That would have been a complete wipeout if I hadn't have stabilized it on the fly.
I think I had 5% Cubic infill in Cura - Big mistake going Cubic - with Combing mode it would catch on the support constantly, and was always sounding like it was about to lose steps.

Let me say that there is no way in hell that the rear half can be printed without support at this scale, and not look like a spaghetti mess.
The rear half is giving me no end of trouble getting the supports right - trying to get the most efficient supports.
Tried Simplify3D with both auto and custom supports - this turned out horrible, as Simplify only found the larger overhangs, and not the smaller ones such as the diagonal pipes - even with 1mm grid tolerance.

Will probably try Cura again - I have gotten quite fond of their supports.

I don't know if there is going to be much of a difference having a Cura sliced front and a Simplify sliced rear. ??!! I'll see (unless someone can enlighten me. :) ).

Will post pics once done! :)
Thankyou again!

Same issue here. Scaled it up 250% and printed the front just fine. but the rear portion was about 15% in when i saw the problem. The grooves are tilted upward to minimize stringing. Since they're upside down in the bottom half the benefit disappears and turns into a problem.

My plan is to flip it flat side up, set a raft, and only give support to the small portion near the very bottom to give some stability

I can print the front and back no problem but the middle is giving me issues. Cura slices it and wants to start like 3mm above the build plate anyone else have this issue?

I normally use the Prusa edition of Slic3r, which I used to test these files before uploading. Today I downloaded the file from Thingiverse and test sliced it again, with good results. I also tested slicing with an older version of Slic3r as well as CuraEngine, via Repetier Host. These appeared to work fine as well. Finally, I tested two standalone versions of Cura that I had on hand, which also seemed to be good.

Yeah I’m an idiot! Turns out it was my right Z rod was off. The couplers came apart and it was 3 mm off. Had to take it apart and realign both of them now I’m getting good prints again. It was my bad!

Happy to hear you got it sorted out.

also sliced in Slic3r same result

I’m printing at 175%. The front turned out great. The back is giving me trouble just above the center half circle at roughly 10 and 2 o’clock. Could this be because of my scaling. The printer actually comes back to those areas and tries to print in mid air.

I just added a 3 part version with a much smaller 'upside down' section at the rear. Hopefully this will minimize the deformed bits.

As I stated, the back half is being printed upside down from the way it was designed. As a result, some features are likely to be a bit deformed. Scaling up will probably exaggerate these issues.

Nice work. How much does this weigh?

Well, the large one I made (155%, about a foot long) comes in at 237g.

May the force be strong enough to keep the vessel together in one part...
Nice idea and clever cut. Though i didnt have problems printing the original design even without supports.

what a piece of junk!

It did the Kessel run in less than 12 parsnips. ;-D

I think you mean 12 parsons. A parsnip is a root vegetable related to carrots and parsley.

I think you mean 12 parsecs, as is said in the movie. Although parsecs is actually a distance measurement related to light years, so while it may seem like a time measurement, its a distance. A parson is a beneficed member of the clergy; a rector or a vicar.

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