10 Inch Bong

by oliverbrossmann5 Mar 6, 2018
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can i scale down this model? because im thinking the bowl wouldn't fit if i do so.
It does not fit in my ender 3

I can upload a smaller version that maintains the necessary fixed measurements. What's your height limitation? I'll assume 250mm? as that's the stock build volume for the Ender 3?

I printed in tpu, 6 bottom walls 40% but it leaks, kinda like its sweating. Any suggestions?

Yeah, it's always been the problem with 3D printed recepticles for me. Slower, slightly over-extruded printing, no retractions. It's all about settings.

Hey, just a heads up that I've remixed your design a little, adding a central hole for airflow and cleaning purposes.

7000+ downloads, and only 1 make, what a sad day

Great model! I printed it for a friend and it looked stellar. However, I was too greedy with the wall thickness and it started leaking after a while. Definitely print this with thick walls! 1mm wasn't enough for me. Will try again and I'm considering printing it with 100% infill. Also consider the fact that this bong is difficult to clean since there is not straightforward way to insert a brush.

Use 99 percent ISO alchohol and table salt, pour in shake heavily, let soak, shake come more, repeat, rinse. Good as new

Do you think this would work ok if printed in place vs tpu?

Do you also have the ash catcher stl?