Palm Tree

by Curufin Mar 6, 2018
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Instead of hot water, I microwaved the leaves individually on high for between 30 - 45 seconds. It worked great and did not risk burns.

I designed a "Hot water adjust" Palm tree several years ago... and looking at your version, my design/CAD skills are still crap.

My Aussie troops in North Africa will appreciate the shade from the various Palm Trees I am now going to print, for my desert terrain tables..

Now if I could only print some skill for playing. :)

UPDATE: The hot water trick does not seem to work on the PLA I have, tried a hair dryer and it worked enough.
Printed at 50% though for Bolt Action Scale, but may do some smaller and larger. Will do pics once the table is done. (Should be about a dozen palms by the time I finish.)

Update II (Son of Update): I have 12 of the Palms printed. Most at 50%, a few at 40%. I added a 60mm round base (2mm thick) to the bases you designed, so they are a bit more stable. The hair dryer works well for the leaves, but I am thinking that printing them at 50% really looses details. They look great though. The ones with shiny leaves are waiting their dull coat.

Fantastic! At 100% they come out rather large, so if you are going for a more realistic look, maybe scale down anywhere from 50-80%. I however will be making a load of different sizes including some at 100% so they look more epic and fantastical. Great work!

Thanks! I can't wait to see what you do with them!

Perfect ! Good job and very ingenious !



P.S : I will buy the medieval market soon!

These are gorgeous! Fantastic work!

Shipwrecked? Buried treasure? Pirates?

Yes of course !!!
Thanks a lot, perfect for Briskars game, will be next on my printing list ;)

Thanks! Hope you get some use out of them.

The idea to reshape leaves in genius. Going to have to steal that for a tree project I want to work on.

Thanks! Its a great trick that really works for all kinds of models.