by s4snow Mar 7, 2018
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Hello, Jason!
Do not tell me what version of the Arduino IDE you compiled the program? And which engine driver are you using?
Thank you in advance.

I have uploaded the arduino sketch, I am unsure why it was missing?

Hi Jason!
When can you download the circuit and files of your Arduino NANO board?
Thank you in advance.

shared the schematic

Hello, Jason!
Thanks, I'll see.
And when can you download the scheme and files of your Arduino NANO board?
Thank you in advance.

Hello, Jason!
Do not share the scheme and file of your Arduino NANO board?
Thank you in advance.

We are doing the project with ARDUINO UNO. The problem is that the engines are not working when moving the joystick of the app. We tried using them in another program only with the Arduino an they work. What can we do?
Thank you

Which motor drivers are you using please,

I have added a file to the Github folder, OTTO_SMARS_L9110, this has been modified to work with the L9110 motor driver you have,

I have not tried these changes so please give them a try and let me know how you get on.

The engines are not working yet

What is more the MAX7219 LED Matrix is doing what it wants

Please check all your connections, if the Matrix mouth is not working then you will need to check connections and ensure the Uno is getting enough power to supply all the parts, the motors could be overloading the 5volt regulator.

Try without the motors connected, and the motor drivers disconnected from the Uno, the Matrix mouth should work regardless.


All connections are fine. We connect by Bluetooth to Uno in the application. We move the joystick but the motors do not work. We put a mouth and it is as we had not done anything because it keeps showing any mouth


This is the same matrix mouth sequence that should be shown when you switch on the power, if this doesn't work then there is a connection or a power problem, please try with just the matrix connected AND NOT the motor driver PCB.

Yes this is the correct start sequence for the Matrix Mouth :)

The next step is to connect by bluetooth the arduino to the andoid phone?
We did this but it doesn´t work correctly


Nice work, thanks.

Do you know that the links do not work?

I have just checked the links and they work for me, I will check them out on a different computer.
Many thanks.

The links take me to Amazon but not to the specific page, but in most cases the search criteria is entered into the search bar

Strange, It works on my phone, but not on my laptop, I have to copy the link and paste it into the browser for it to work.
I have added some Amazon screen shots of the components as a reference for those who can't get the links to work.

Thanks for pointing this out.


Should be fixed now.



WOW! Jason i was thinking something similar and you just did this is amazing!