Gramazon - The Acoustic Echo Amplifier!

by IamStarGoat Mar 8, 2018
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Thank you for this thing! Thumbs up to you!

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Finally printed this - one of the first file sets I downloaded, but wanted to get my confidence up before attempting it. I had no errors in printing, but I do see some gapping/skipping in places, so I have some more tuning to do on my Monoprice maker Select Plus (just 2 months old). Amazingly cool my fine sir! I expect to paint it as soon as the humidity drops below 96% here in Florida - lol.

Finally printing this amazing model, got to the Horn and I just can't get it to print right (wide end down). Cura (and S3D) is showing auto supports under the first 60 layers or so and that prints ok but after that I get a big gap and the print fails. I'm running on a Monoprice MS Plus, PLA, 0.02mm layers. I am printing a little fast (100mm/s) because I haven't had problems with that speed on any other print and the Microswiss hot end seems to handle it without a problem. I just kicked off another run with a huge amount of support (10 degree overhang vs 50) and at 60mm/s. All of the other parts of the neck, base etc printed just fine, but the horn is killing me. Any tips?

Probably a dumb question, but the echo dot just pops in and out right? I printed a different case/stand for my dot and it's now pretty much stuck in there. I'll have to cut away the stand to get the damn thing out, and it barely boosts the sound at all. This however, looks awesome.

It's designed for a snug fit, but yeah, the dot drops down into the lid.

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I just finish printing this and it came out great. Now I need to sand and paint. Thanks for sharing this, it's awesome.

Hey there
Great design, is it possible for you to make connection rings or joints for the other 3 parts. Printing this with pla and the gluing is a challenge but with the joint it makes it easier. :)

Hello! Check out this remix of this project, where someone already added the rings in question: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2845710

Gramazon Remix (with connector rings)
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здравствуйте. какую электронику вы используете?

Здравствуйте! Электроника - это Amazon Echo Dot V2.
Я не говорю по-русски, поэтому надеюсь, что этот перевод Google верен, ха-ха.

Any plans for a base to fit the echo spot? This would be awesome for my nightstand

I'm sure it could be done, but I currently have no plans to purchase an echo spot for development purposes only.

One of the most inspiring 3D prints on here!

I like you have been looking for old Gramophone horns, nearly 10 years now, and the prices just keep rising.

Will be printing this in near future.

Many thanks for your time in designing and putting up on here, just have to buy an echo dot now, but for this it will be worth it.

This is amazing. its sounds old school like its being played off an actual record.

OMG... Soooo much sanding.... I am in the paint stage today (finally!!!!), so I don't have much more sanding to do other than fixing my sagging paint on the inside of the big horn because I was painting with crappy light and didn't see how much I was actually laying down. lol
You've set a high bar with your post processing work, so I wanted to try at achieve that level of quality. I got close, but I am done with sanding. I am officially sanded out... haha Can't wait to do these last bits and I will do my Make.

This is one I would do in abs so you can use acetone to finish

Great and fun idea, beautifully executed. Thanks for the awesome write-up, and great finishing tips.

Question about the joint. Is there a real need for it? Or could I just glue the neck to the horn?

If you want you can just glue the two pieces together and call it a day. Its mostly there for decorative purposes as most of the old horns had it. The diameters should be the same on both the neck and the horn.

Just finished this and it's awesome! Thanks for designing it. To get the full effect ask alexa to play some 20's music when your done.

What do you suggest using for gluing the neck pieces together? Second, because of the glass build plate and the location of the sled screws in my Maker Select V2, I only have about 180x180mm build platform. I sized the horn down to 80%, but left the base and lid at 100%. Any idea on how to best fit the neck into the lid?

I usually use plain old superglue. The one I use is made by BSI and is the fast setting purple one.
If the neck is printed smaller but the base is regular, then you could make a coupler to go between them. If you don't want to print or design one, wrapping some electrical tape or simular around the bottom end of the horn until it fits tightly is an option.

Soooooo cool!
The base is printing as I type this, almost 19 hours so far since I might have gone overboard with the infill 80%:) and if that impact the sound to much I guess I'll redo it:)

Awesome! Yeah when I printed my base I went low and slow on the settings and ended up with a 36 hour print. :P

All done and i posted the make aswell :)

Took 22 hours for the base and now the end piece of the horn is printing and hopefully by tomorrow at least the entire horn will be printed i prefer to start with the big things since i always get more impatient the fewer pieces are left of a big print :)

This is amazing, sent you a tip!

Yay! Thank you so much! :D

Awesome work... this so deserves to be "Featured".

Thanks for sharing this and making detailed instructions :)! I can't wait to print it. I found it here:


Thanks! Looking forward to seeing your make of it!

Wow!!!! Love this....Very Nice Work!

Saw this on Reddit, Can't wait to print a couple. Good job man!!

Thanks! Don't forget to share your makes! Cant wait to see it!

This is so awesome!
Can you make one to house Google Home Mini?

I would love to have this for my mini

First off: this is such a cool design!

I just have a quick question for you. Did you design it for the V1 or V2 version of the Dot? There's a slight size difference.

It was designed to fit the 2nd Generation.

Very pretty - But can you comment as to what extent this improves the eDot sound? I have most of mine blue-toothed into always-on Bose Minis, but still have a couple standalone's. They do sound terrible compared to the Bose. Any significant improvements with the horn?

I suppose improvement is a very subjective matter. For me this was above all an aesthetic upgrade, but It does amplify the to some degree, more than my old raised base amplifier that I was using before did, and it shapes the sound a little to a "warmer" sound. (if that makes sense) Its not as "tinny" as the dot is by itself, but if you're looking at it from an audiophiles standpoint, its not going to make the dots speaker sound crystal clear. Just louder. The audio used in the video here on thingiverse is recorded using a Røde VideoMicro positioned about 3 feet away from the speaker.

Any way to start a fund to commission a google home mini version of this? I got 10bux on it.

I don't currently own a google home mini, but looking at the tear-downs of them, and where the speaker is located, Im confident it wouldn't be a problem to design another base for the horn, to fit the speaker directly under the horn as the speaker is located at the top of the home mini.

That would be awesome!

That would be super great! Tipping you 5bux now, and another 5bux when you are done. Now I get to figure out how to tip people for designs...


*edit looks like you also need to setup some things so you can recieve tips. Let me know!