[V2] QU-BD One/Two-Up Dampening Feet/Struts

by DDeGonge888 Mar 27, 2014
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Awesome. When upgrading from oneup-to-twoup, the face plates just wouldnt go on.. So I had to break them down the middle to get them to install. These feet are holding them on at the moment

Thanks. And I applaud you for making a truly Oneup-able print, unlike the "Oneup/twoup" designs that are twice the size of the Oneup build volume

I printed 3 for my two up with a heated bed. It stays still and doesn't tilt anymore, thanks for the design!

Great design (TwoUp). One of my first successful and useful prints.

Thank for this. It really has made the printing process much quieter (now the only thing notable is the fan, which I should replace).

Added benefit: this prevents the MDF base from falling apart. I have not glued the base together, as I would like to be able to tinker with the printer, which resulted in the base becoming unstable.

Very appreciative!

Thanks a lot, it's worth printing it. Did it on a OneUp, so thank you for sharing a two part-model. It glues together nicely with some super glue even with only such a small area to stick together...

Thanks for this, I really like it.

There's actually another feature which you didn't mention: it prevents the printer from tipping over, mostly for people with the heated bed.
When the bed moves, it shifts the center of gravity and eventually the center of gravity move so far it makes the printer tip over to one side. These feet make the base wider and thus prevents tipping over!

Ah great! I didn't purchase the heated bed so I didn't know that was a problem but I'm glad to hear this will help with that issue!

Have u ever tried to use ninja flex for this

Your wish is my command. Actually, I thought about doing this before seeing your comment. Great minds think alike. ;-)

Flexible Foot for QU-BD One/Two-Up Dampening Feet/Struts

I haven't, but I don't think ninja flex would be rigid enough. I wouldn't be able to tell as i have never handled the material, but it does have to be fairly rigid to support the weight of the printer and the movements of the bed. It would probably be better to print the frame in pla and print little rubber feet to glue onto the bottom.

Thanks for the info