MJX Bugs 2 Landing Gear / Feet

by IanSR88 Mar 10, 2018
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Nice design ! Do you know if this fits the Bugs 3 maybe ?

dunno, they are similar size quads are they not? I should think they'll work, the original max file is in the zip anyway, so should be an easy mod if they need modifying.

I don't know if they are simillar, I'll check that out, thanks :)

Hi! very interesting.
I'm also a recent owner of a Bugs 2 and I would like to develop something in 3D printer for that... You have also other mods projects on this drone?

Only the camera platform you can see in the photo which I have a Firefly Q6 on atm, but it's still very much WIP. (gimbal doesn't work, too much interference). Generally 3D Printed stuff is too heavy for this model of quadcopter, adding too much weight to it drastically reduces flight time unfortunately.

Thanks for the answer.
You mean even working with low infill rate?

Yes, although I'm still experimenting, most stuff I print at 2-4% infill anyway, but every gram counts. You can add about 150grams to the copter without damaging the motors, but it will reduce flight time to about 5 minutes.

I was thinking of buying some low KV motors and bigger props and bolting it all to an F450 frame to see how much flight time I can get, but that's a while away.

The one thing I like about this is it's fool proof setup, a while back I built a SPRacing F3 iNav based quadcopter and you could never tell when home was set, how many satellites you had etc. The bugs has this all on the screen which is great.