KDM Gear Grid Remix

by WalkingDED Mar 10, 2018
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this gear grid looks totaly awesome. Got a print run of this going right now. But an useful piece of information would be the size of the gear slots. The actual width (preferrably in mm) so that people know if it fits with their sleeves or if they would have to increase the size a bit.Hopefully it will be compatible with sleeves but I will see soon.
Oh and very nice to split this thing (my ultimaker3 would otherwise not be able to print this), nice details and love the extra functions build in.

It should fit sleeved gear cards as per the author of the original file. All I changed was the slots for the dice so they fit the tokens. I’ll let you know if I have any problems with my sleeves when I get a chance.

Edit: My sleeved gear cards fit just fine.

Ah I see, didn't find the original with my search. I will be usind dice, but probably still use your version. I do like the double slots for armour points and so. The only problem is dice are a bit too big to put two side by side. Maybe I will just search for some d10 adjust them in size and print them. And yours is already in 4 parts, which is a must for my Ultimaker3, even the "normal" gear grids just fit barely and with all those extras I need to split it. Btw I printed the first part, looks good. Used PLA 0.2 Layer height took a litte less than 10 hours so just removed the print before going to work. Will post a picture later and start the second part this evening.

BTW: Width of the card slots in my print is 54.7mm that means it should fit my sleeves should they ever arrive (mage)

Bien vue, et le découpage est 4 est nickel pour les imprimantes plus petite, mais le modèle est trop épais, il faut 4 heures pour chaque partie. C'est trop long. Il faudrait diviser par deux la hauteur des pièces.

I had to use google translate to understand but I think you’re saying that the pieces are too thick and take too long to print. You can reduce the thickness easily in Tinkercad or the software of your choice. Personally, I think the thickness is fine and makes for a sturdy piece. You could always increase layer height and speed for a faster print but you’ll sacrifice quality.