Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Pocket-Dungeons (First Edition)

by dutchmogul, published

Pocket-Dungeons (First Edition) by dutchmogul Aug 10, 2012

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Introducing Pocket-Dungeons! A modular, competitive dungeon-crawl for two to six players.

With modular, tile-based board design and randomized events, no two games will be alike. Dynamic, tactical game play allows for quick resolution as players control treasure-hungry dungeon delvers vying for gold and glory.

This game has been designed with Pocket-Tactics in mind and the pieces and rules sets will be able to cross over and expand the depth of each range.

For the Pocket-Tactics stuff, head on over here: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:27257

Also, check out our blog for updates on our projects, contests and the like: http://illgottengames.blogspot.com/

All models designed in the amazing Tinkercad: https://tinkercad.com/users/bHIdLANxoGl


Models printed with a 10% infill at a .10 layer height. Each set should include:

-6 delvers (Warrior, Wizard, Elf, Dwarf, Thief, and Priestess.)

-10 dwellers (2 Skittering Fiends, 2 Restless Spirits, 2 Hogboglins, 2 Shambling Corpses, 1 Cave Gronk, and 1 Ancient Guardian)

-40 dungeon tiles (print the tile set twice)

-6 door markers

-13 counters (6 Treasure counters, 6 Hazard counters, and 1 Stairs counter)

-12 six-sided dice (6 red Offense dice and 6 blue Defense dice) (These weren't printed, though I suppose you could)

I painted everything in standard, hardware store spraypaint. Still playing around with coloration....

The rules are hyper-fresh, so expect lots of revisions. Enjoy!

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Also made these If anyone is interested:

Player Sheet and Inventory Tray for Pocket-Dungeons

I made some trays for the board tiles here: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2572417

Tile tray for Pocket-Dungeons

I second this question is this game dead? I was excited to play and had the same questions as below. Hope its not. I'm eagerly awaiting the revised rules.

Hah, okay, maybe I'm going to need to revisit this one. We've come a long way with the rules for Pocket-Tactics (the game from which this is derived) and I think we can probably create a newer, better version. My time is devoted to a lot of projects these days, but I'm thinking I could definitely look at doing a Kickstarter for the project if the demand were there, and maybe release the files to our Patreon subscribers as well.There's definitely a lot we could do with this, and we even have revised/better-looking tiles already made (slightly larger and done in the square format like the original, not hexes). Thoughts?

I would love to see anything you have. Are the revised square tiles on thingiverse ? You should make a mini version of the "ZOD" Tiles for pocket dungeons that would be sweet. Also if you want any help hit me up, I am a talented engineer/3d designer.

Is this game dead? I can't seem to find the rules at their site anymore it's all just Pocket Tactics.
I wanted to see if there were any updates to the rules since there are quite a few vague spots that really got us confused.

It seems characters can't be in the same space, but then how do you melee each other? "A character may move into an unoccupied space"
Why would anyone not "rush" except to maybe save a roll if you only need to move one space?
Is there any way to melee anything without doing a "charge"? (See "characters can't move into occupied spaces" rule above)

The game we played turned into a train of 3 people, since no one could walk past each other and the dungeon ended up having a choke point. We ended the game when one of the heroes "charged" into another hero and they both killed each other.

I see there's a second edition as well, but the description is the same. I'm not sure where the rules would be for that one either.

These are awesome! Just finishing up the prints to start playing and might I say the characters look amazing.

Finally got around to playing this last night. Me and two friends. Definitely fun to play.

Things that aren't clear in the rules.
-The combat system was difficult to determine. We were never quite sure if we had got it right. That can be a separate discussion.
-When revealing a coin that resulted in an encounter, it seemed that all you had to do next turn was pick up the counter and run away. We decided that if revealing a coin does result in an encounter, the dweller gets that counter. That meant there was more of a desire to stay and fight.

Things we tried:
-Early on we decided that in the event of death, a player could respawn with one of the remaining delvers. The way that played out in our game was a single player ended up using all 3 respawns. This ruling couldn't be used for a 6 player game of course, but perhaps every player should have 3 respawns, with the ability to change character if any are available.
-Early on I "shifted corridors" such that the stairs were blocked. We then decided that you could move between entrances. Imagine that all the entrances to the dungeon are connected to "tunnels". The tunnels are where the delvers came from when they entered the dungeon. So you can step off the map at an entrance, travel the tunnels, and then step back in at any other entrance.

Things we considered, but didn't try:
-Perhaps you should only be able to pick up one gold at a time, so that piles of gold dropped by delvers or dwellers take time to pick up. This would give other delvers and dwellers time to move in.
-The "tunnels" were essential to navigate cave-ins and shifting corridors, but too powerful. We decided that next time it should take 2 turns to navigate the tunnels. That is, one action to step into the tunnels, and another action to step out at the new entrance. (Extra character abilities could be applied to tunnels. Perhaps classes with good night vision can navigate the tunnels in one turn)

Haha, awesome! Its really funny, because all of these changes are what we adapted to and have written in red pen on our original copy of the rules sheet from when we play tested back when I had just posted this guy. Our group pretty much came to the exact conclusions.

I really need to hit this game up again, especially considering how deep I've gotten into the redesigns of the og Pocket-Tactics stuff. For whatever reason (probably due to being scatterbrained and obsessively moving on to other projects) I never even edited this first edition.I'll have to do that soon, as a lot of my friends have been asking for a revamp so we can play.

Oh, and by the way, for a much clearer exposotion on the combat, use the Pocket-Tactics High King vs Tribes rules (the new one) as combat should pretty much be identical.

I'm telling you, dude. One of these days one of us will have to get a group together, cross the border and get a big ol' game night going ;-)

Please, Please, Pretty Please revisit this game! My wife and I play it and we are thinking of making a mod with portals that the characters can use and the mage would have special abilities with the portals kind of how you have it where the lizardman in the second edition can move through water tiles.

The Pocket-Tactic combat instructions are much clearer, thanks! I haven't tried Pocket-Tactics yet and likely never will. My group doesn't bother meeting up unless there are more than 2 people, so 2 player games are off the list. Would it be scalable to handle more players do you think?

Dude, absolutely! Our giant, multiplayer games have been epic. We have six factions finished right now and more on the way, not to mention mercenary pieces that can bolster any faction.

That looks great, I can't wait to try printing a set.

Thanks! Post up some pics if you do, I'd love to see them.

I've not had much luck printing at 0.1 mm layer height. I did have luck printing the Dwellers at 0.27, but resolution was low. So I tried the Delvers at 0.2 mm and this worked pretty well. Although I think I need to slow down the print speed. I left it on the defaults in MakerWare.

Hi Dutchmogul!
I'm a big fan of your work.  I'm having a bit of trouble printing the entire plate of figures at once.  Could you please upload the pieces as individual STL's? 

I found the weakest parts were the Warriors feet (he's got dainty ankles for a tank!)
Also the bow and staffs are too thin.
If you have time to edit the figurines while you are separating them I'd love versions that have thicker ankles/bows/staffs. Thanks DM

Totally. This version (along with Pocket-Tactics) is the beta version. I'm working on redesigns now that strengthen the pieces and make them easier to print, not to mention changes to the rules and some fun new additions. On its way....

 I can't wait!!!  This game looks like a lot of fun and I've even enjoyed printing the parts so far.  Improvements with additions and more fun?!  Sign me up!

Absolutely! I'll get those loaded up as soon as I can. It'll take a little work to separate them, but it shouldn't take long. Also, thank you. Big fan of yours as well. Quite an impressive collection you've uploaded!

I had tried to print the delvers/dwellers on my Thing-O-Matic, without success.  But, tonight I printed the full set of Delvers and Dwellers tonight on my Replicator at 0.1mm layer height, 220 extruder, 110 bed, 50% fill, and they look absolutely amazing.  These figures are so awesome!!!

 Thanks!  My share of uploads is mostly due to having been a member of the site for about 3 years and uploading the wheat with the chaff.  :)

Are the rules attached here the latest or have you got an updated set. I notice there's no link for Pocket Dungeons on your blog, does that mean it's fallen out of favour?

These are the latest (with some minor changes) though I am going to jump back in and overhaul it before long. Its definitely  not out of favor, I just have so many projects going! I do love this game and it needs some serious attention. I recently worked on a new tile set, so I'll post that and some revised rules before too long here. I really want to get this set square so I can start working on expansions. 

Glad to hear it's still being worked on. I've yet to play it (I'm still printing) but I have a couple of questions about the rules....

In the game set up, it mentions how to place the delvers...each player places their delver at an entrance of their choice (an entrance is a room or hallway that isn't connected to another tile).If I understand correctly the "entrances" are the dangling unconnected pathways that lead nowhere. It's possible to construct a dungeon that has fewer entrances than players. Does this mean you place multiple delvers on the same square, or should it be illegal to place a dungeon tile that reduces the number of entrances below the player amount?MIND SWAP! Randomly determine another character currently on the map. For the remainder of the game, you control that character and, if your character either goes to another player or becomes a dweller and may be activated when schemingI don't understand the wording here. If you swap with another delver, then that's straight forward enough. If you swap with a dweller...1) Can your new dweller body be controlled by other players when they scheme? (or does your delver "mind" somehow prevent that)2) Your old delver body can now be controlled by other players when they scheme?

Hmm, all my formatting disappeared. Sorry it's all one big lump. I had paragraph breaks in there between my questions and excerpts from the rules. I'll email you the question.

No sweat, I can read it. So let's see... I'm coming up with ways to keep entrances random but ensured to be a certain number. I'm actually working on some special Entrance tiles, so those might take the place of the current system. For now, I would just make adjustments at the end to ensure there are at least 6 entrances. Players can take turns doing that too, keep it competitive.

Yeah, if you swap with a dweller, that model becomes your "delver" and can no longer be controlled by others. They can now control your old character though ;-) He basically becomes a monster, while the monster becomes a PC

Yeah, sorry, this was a first-draft write-up and I haven't revisited it since. I'll do that soon, for sure. Oh! And the Dwarf's Goldlust skill has changed. Now the dwarf can just pick up treasure counters for free whenever he moves over them. This includes counters that he's just flipped.

That makes sense, thanks! I've just finished printing so hopefully I'll be able to play soon. My printer has started shifting axes, so I need to sort that.

Any tips on printing this? I've got a makerbot replicator, using 1.8mm ABS filament. The tiles printed fine (naturally), but I'm having trouble with some of the dwellers
– they basically explode when it tries to print some of the finer details.

I've never printed anything this intricate before; would switching to PLA produce better results or would picking up some 1.75mm filament be better? Or, y'know, any tips on replicatorG settings.

Yeah, I haven't printed with 1.8. I've printed with 1.75 ABS and PLA and each have their difficulties. PLA gets a finer level of detail, but ABS seems to be way more reliable (as long as you're printing a single model at a time).

In either case, I print at a .10 layer height. I've printed at both 10% and 100% infill in both materials and both levels seem to work, though at 10% I tend to get holes in the top of the base. When I print ABS, I do so with an extruder temp of 230 and a plate temp of 110. With PLA, I've gotten gr
eat results as low as 190 for the extruder (no plate heat needed for PLA) though the prints rarely finish as the plastic jams partway through. I've had better success finishing prints at 220 and can do full plates of the models, though I've had trouble getting even that to work lately. So, I'm back
to an ABS, single model at a time print for now.

Trying to think of anything else...if I do, I;ll post it. Hope this helps!

PS: Oh, and if you or anyone has tips on doing consistently successful PLA printing, let me know!

I just played this today with one other guy, overall impression is good but some minor tweaks may need to be made.

The game reminds me of Dungeoneer which is one of my favorite games, but this seems to be a bit more streamlined and quick (good thing).

One of the things I could see needing improving is hero health. Right now everyone walks around with one health, so there's no build up of suspense as you get closer to death. You are either alive or dead, never wounded. In the game I just finished, I ended up killing the only other hero in the
game by rolling 1 die (was a 6) and he rolled 3 (highest was 5).

It was kind of anti-climactic. I knew that I could continue the game as my hero, and he could continue playing the monsters. But I knew my time was very limited and it basically became a DM vs Hero game at that point.

So maybe her
oes get 3 health? Perhaps they have a respawn, with one less treasure chip? Something...

Also I made this using a royalty free image from http://www.clker.com/clipart-cave-entrance1.htmlhttp://www.clker.com/clipart-c.... I just slapped some images together and printed all of these things on chipboard to see how the game plays.

Good work!

Hey, thank you! So stoked to hear that you played it!

Yeah, I hear you on the Health thing, that's something we've been kicking around. There's even a place for it right next to Action and it would give the characters further depth.

One way we've been playing is that you have to res-pawn as a different character, and that's been fun. I was reluctant
to add health as it became another thing to print and to track (we figured Health is more or less summed up in your DEF values and special abilities), but I totally hear you with the suspense. Fights can be over lightning fast. I think the re-spawn function will be cooler the more characters there
are and if you can recycle the same character. We usually do it randomly so you don;t know what you'll come back as. Food for thought... Do you think an incentive when re-spawning would be better/faster than tracking health?

Dude, I love the cave! Mind if I I use it in the rulebook?

It's all yours, no attribution or whatever required. I can send you the .xcf file if you would like to modify it a bit (take off the background or something). I used it as a back to the delver/dweller cards.

A couple more questions. If a dweller is spawned adjacent to a delver, does it need to be in an adjacent room/hall that is connected to the one the delver is in? I could see "adjacent" and suddenly that critter needs to walk around a huge loop just because it wasn't connected by a hall.

If a dw
eller spawns on, or moves onto a square with a face down chip. Is it's line of sight blocked? The rules state something about an unobstructed path, but I'm not sure if the space a dweller is standing in counts. Delvers don't have this issue since they flip their chips over the minute they step in
to the space.

The rules were a little oddly worded around the "treasure" chips. At one point, it sounded like there could be more than one treasure chip on a space. Is it legal to initially place more than one chip on a space? I could see that potentially opening up a whole slew of questions, li
ke "do both chips flip when a delver lands on the space".

Last one, was it on purpose to have the "rush" movement be used every time? I was looking for a downside to doing a "rush" as opposed to just doing the one square movement. It sounds like you get your one square and then can "rush" for up
to as many action dice you have (4+ roll). I don't see a downside to rushing every time i want to move, perhaps that bit of the rules could be shortened to "movement is one space plus the number of 4+ dice you get from your action roll"

Yeah, this is the first draft of the rules, written before the game was ever played, so we have a ton of revisions ready for the next draft. So let's see...

Yeah, a dweller can be spawned on the other side of a wall or door if the player to the left chooses. There are certain occasions this could be useful. Blocking the dwellers next route, creating a problem for a different delver, etc. Or heck, just to give the Skittering fiend a good place to shoot
from ;-)

Upside down counters don;t block line of sight, though they do stop delver movement. Dwellers can move over or on top of the counters and everyone can shoot past them

Yeah, there's a lot of rewording to be done re-counters. Only one unflipped counter can be placed on a single tile. Howev
er, treasure counters (once collected) are dropped when the delver is killed and the stack of treasure counters they were carrying are left in the tile they died in, face up. You can collect any number of counters with a single "gather" action. Oh, this is a good place to note that we've since chang
ed the Dwarf's Goldlust ability. He now picks up any treasure he flips or passes over for free.

Yeah, there's some revisions that would clarify that. I don;t think there's any reason to not rush. I was initially going to make it so there are consequences to falling short on a charge (like you have
to move as far out as you can when you fail even if it leaves you in the open) but its just easier to skip all that. Oh, also. add to the Mage's Phase ability that he can move through walls AND doors.

I know there are more revisions, but I'd have to look at my notes. We're refining Pocket-Tactics b
efore we roll into Pocket-Dungeons, but its coming soon. I work relatively fast ;-)

Its really awesome that you're playing this. We're going to have crossover rules on our website (almost up) that will allow characters from this and Pocket-Tactics to be used in either game, among other things.

Thanks for the clarifications. I'll have to print out a copy of Pocket-Tactics now too. I didn't realize you were still refining Pocket-Tactics, I'll let you know if I have any questions with that one :)

I'll share the photos of my printed version (since I lack a 3D printer) soon.

Very cool, printing.

Reading over the rules, I'm a bit confused by the combat system, but I imagine that it'll make sense once we actually sit down and play the game. The die rolling feels a bit like Risk, except that the 'delvers' are either fine or defeated, so no hit point counting. Is that right?

Yeah, that's correct. This is a first-draft rule book, so I'll be hammering it out before too long. I have a couple of excellent editors who will help me with this ;-) We're also going to film some game play videos for this and Pocket-Tactics, so I'll post those as soon as they're ready. Yeah, no HP or anything, just defeat or stalemate, and it can happen to both parties in the same roll, which makes resolution super fast. We played 3 games within the space of an hour earlier today, which can be fairly unheard of in tabletop games. We're playing around with some variant modes which change things up a bit too.

Great. I haven't even finished my pocket tactics set. Now this...

I guess I will have to translate this game too, as soon as the rules are stable enough ;o)

That would be excellent :-) But yeah, I'd wait a couple of weeks on that one ;-)

Don't you mean 6 blue Defensive dice? '-12 six-sided dice (6 red Offense dice and 3 blue Defense dice) (These weren't printed, though I suppose you could)' :)

Haha, um...yes, that I do...uhhh... you've passed the test! Congratulations! (Its been corrected... oops)

UPDATE: (already, I know) Rulebook has been updated to actually include a hazard table rather than a second door table. Oops :-P

This is just....... amazingly amazing =-O

Thanks much! I really enjoyed putting this one together.