Dexcom G5 Transmitter covers for 390/389 batteries

by UltiMike Mar 11, 2018
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Hi UltiMike,
What sort of Voltage A level do you see in xDrip+ with the LR44/SR44 batteries, compared to the genuine Renata 389's ?
The Renatas are 1.55V, 90mAh if I am not mistaken, and the LR44's are 1.5V, 150mAh.
Really interested to give these a shot.

Vorlage Level A 311 (Brand new) and after 10 days 305 with LR44

OK, so it is lower than the Renata 389's. For Renata's I typically get 313-315 for Voltage A and it stays up that level for about 2 months at least, before starting to drop down, and then last week or two is a rapid drop till its death.
LR44 drops from 311 to 305 after 10 days? Does it continue to drop or does it stabilise? I saw it mentioned these should last close to a year?

I would say it stays stable, right now 304, but this is just after 10-12 days after installing the LR44, first after 2-3 months of usage I can say how it is but I don't know if I'll use Dexcom that long