Altoids Tin Staunton Chess Pieces

by Phistterbut_Inc Mar 12, 2018
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Could you make a checker model that fits the magnet too please? So we can have a mini checkers set

Yeah, sure I can do that, though I'm not sure how easily they'd be grabbed by the tweezers. Did you have any thoughts as to what they'd look like?

Tiny bottle caps would fit the asthetic perfectly and be grabbable by tweezers because of the edges around the ring

The bottle caps thing is live now.

Sounds good. My only concern would be that at 7 mm diameter all detail would be lost. We'll see. Not guaranteeing they'll be perfect though.

Does it work without the magnets?

There's no way to keep them stationary inside the tin without magnets. They're such small pieces you'd have a hard time playing otherwise.

Thank you soooo much, I just finished inserting the magnets and it's adorable! One thing I did is I printed out a chess board (on a regular printer) because the one that I printed (on my 3d printer) was too thick. It caused the pieces to stick to each other and move the pieces. Very cool design!

You're welcome. That's an issue I faced too. Thanks for that idea, I'll upload a scaled chess board sometime today or tomorrow for paper printing. So old school I didn't think of it :P

Side note, I've found my 3D printer to be WAY more reliable than my paper one.... I don't even use that pile of garbage any more.

You're posting some photos I hope. I love seeing makes. Check out the resin print that drcameron did.

Heres the photo that I used, I'm using a Mac and scaled it to 20.35% its size. It should end up around 5.8mm. I hope this is helpful!

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Thank you for that. How did you end up attaching it to the metal underneath? I'd imagine glue to ruin the nice white squares.

Just a thin piece of tape on the edges

How did you get the pieces at such fine quality?

I used Fusion 360 to modify the originals.

I love what you did with my set....
Amazing and creative!!!!

Thank you for the kind words. I'm uploading a dual extrusion version of the board right now.

Also, thank you for making the original, because I sure as hell wasn't going to model them :P

This Sir, is pretty cool!