Puzzle - Triple twins

by AndresMF Mar 12, 2018
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tarde 2 horas pero me salio buenisimo excelente....

Hi, I solved the puzzle, but I have two 1x1 holes inside. Did I solve it the wrong way or is this normal?

yes, it's normal

Thanks for this!

SPOILER ALERT - don't continue reading if you haven't solved yet.

Am I wrong though in saying that this puzzle is essentially Identical Twins with some extra pieces to fill in the gaps? I also found that after solving/inserting all pieces, there was an extra 1x1 hole that could have been filled if one of the L pieces had a double 'notch' on it.
I found that the L pieces fit very loosely as well and slide right out at the slightest tilt..

I suppose that the extra pieces make the puzzle slightly more of a challenge as it opens the possibility for incorrect piece insertion order.

Anyone have the solution? Mine is a bit loose, but still good.

I looked at the You Tube Video but it was for the Identical Twins, not the Triple Twins. Is there a video for solving the Triple Twins? We've worked on it for months and cannot figure it out. Please help before we all go crazy!

The Triple Twins has almost the same solution as the Double Twins, at least at the beginning. ;)

This is really cool! Thank you!

When I printed the frame, it added tree supports but there were so many that I couldn't get them off easily. Any suggestions for a different way to print it?

Sorry, I used Simplify3D and the supports it generates are usually pretty good

I would recommend printing the case with support but rotate it 90 degrees so that the rectangle part is on the bed, and this will make it a shorter printing time, and it uses less filament for support.

Can confirm. Works great :)

Thanks for the tip. Will be printing tonight.

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made unit using an XYZ daVince 1.0A(ABS).
Layer height 0.20, normal speed

it's a pity that you want to know the solution but if you really need it here you have it.


Did you figure it out yet? ive got a couple pieces printed and cant seem to get them together. : )

I think it's more of a general question of if all the pieces fit in the space inside, or if only 2 of the twins go in at a time. There's no perimeters in the original description.

ALL the pieces fit there, for sure.