Universal Masterspool - Twist and Lock

by 3d-workshop Mar 16, 2018
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I found that every other wall on the hub was too thin as they separated at the seams (even with detect thin walls on) and wondered at first if they were meant to break free. But looking at your photos they seem to be solid. So I modified the model so all walls where equally thick.

Hi ! i don't understand witch sides i need to print for the I-type hub 100-62 ? Can you help me please ?

You can choose every l-type sidepart. Questions are wich centerhole diameter you want and wich outer diameter

62 for centerhole and 180 for outer

Use the l-side-197-70 (named for the large side, with 197mm outside diameter, and Large 70mm ID), and the 100-62 hub should give you 100mm ID, and still adapt to connect to that original side piece.

This design looks amazing! I can't see though if any of the many people you've accomodated already have needed the same specs as the respools from spool3D?

ID 100mm
OD 180mm
Width 70mm

there hasn't been an request yet. When I have some time again, I will design a suitable hub.

No need. I just modified your model l-hub-100-62 to be 8mm taller, that should do the trick. Just thought I'd ask if you'd already built one and maybe I was just having some troubles finding it. Thank you for your design, you've done a great job!

Hi, this looks really good. Which software did you use to design the spools? Would you consider releasing the sources?

Hey there, thanks for the great Design and you clever construction... I'm having an Issue, I'm Printing with .6 Nozzle and when i slice the Hub it cannot slice some inner walls cause they are to thin... see pic attached... could you make them a bit bigger? I want to use it for the DasFilament 850gr Refills so the L-102-45 needs to be edited if possible...

Sounds like the same problem mentioned here: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3140646/comments/#comment-2382847
Looks like there is a problem with every second wall of the hub. I think the hub should othewise be printable with a 0.6 mm nozzle.
I suspect the low resolution (polygon count) of the stl file as the cause of the problem?

l-type hub 102-45 for Masterspool Twist and Lock

Great design, thank you for sharing. Can't wait to print it :)

I've bought a couple of filaments from this store / brand:

The spool at the link above is too flimsy and not width enough for the filament.

Can you please do a version of the Universal Masterspool for it?

inside diameter (i) = 110mm
width (w) = 61mm
ouside diameter (o) = 195mm

Thank you!

Smartie Spoolie

Here is your hub: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3449589
It would be fine if you could print it out and tell me if it works.
Please keep in mind that you also have to download the corresponding sidepart again, since I had to make a slight change here as well.
All l-type sideparts are updated and should work

l-type hub 112-61 for Masterspool Twist and Lock

Thank you! Please check my reply at: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3449589

l-type hub 112-61 for Masterspool Twist and Lock

Give me a few days. I will try to help you

i got a no brand spoolless filament, just comes in vacuumed packed bag with PLA written on it.
the dimensions given to me for the spool is :
Outer diameter:192mm; Inner ring diameter: 83mm; Refill width: 60mm

Will this work with

eSUN 1.75mm PLA PRO (PLA+) 3D Printer Filament Refill Pack (4 Rolls), Black, Cool White, Blue, Fire Engine Red, Refills, 1KG Each roll, Refill Pack https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07FPZ7GL3/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_inXiCbS865FA1

Since I don't have the coils themselves or the exact measurements, I can't tell you that.
However, if you give me the measurements, I will see if there are suitable parts or if I can adapt them.

I just printed the s-hub-092-56 hub that was mentioned for Inland/eSun in the thing description, and can confirm that it fits nicely with the s-side-197-50 sides on a 1kg eSun refill coil (of the "Cool White" PLA Pro) that's part of the 4-color pack linked above.

Thank you bredeker for confirming.

I purchased a few of the 3D Solutech "Masterspool" refills recently. The existing 076-76 s-hub fits the inner diameter nice and snugly, but the spools have only a 58mm width instead of 76. Based on my measurements + testing with the existing s-type hub and sides, I would propose the following reference measurements for the 3D Solutech refills:
t: s
i: 76 mm
w: 58 mm
o: 180 mm

These refills actually have a 2.5mm thick cardboard ring as a core. This core seems to be clearly intended to remain with the coil while in use, so I based my ID measurement on it. (Being compatible with the existing 76mm hub width is a nice coincidence.) I don't anticipate anyone would try to remove the cardboard for use, but if that happens then it seems like an 81mm diameter hub should work.

BTW, I have had very good success so far using ABS for printing this design's parts. Great work!

Thanks for the specs. I have done an appropriate hub for you: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3280961
It would be fine if you could test it out and tell me if everything works.

s-type hub 076-58 for Masterspool Twist and Lock

The new hub seems to work perfectly for the first of my 3D Solutech refills (printed in ABS). Thanks again for adding the new size. This actually fits much better than 3D Solutech's own spool design, which seems to be significantly wider than their own coils.

The default side part is just barely big enough for these coils. A slightly larger diameter (perhaps 190 mm) version of the s-type side part could be beneficial, just to discourage a fresh coil's outer windings from slipping over the side if there is some slack. For consistency with the l-type side parts, it might also be reasonable to just add a 197mm OD small side part. The 180mm part is working adequately for me, however, so this is just a minor suggestion.

here comes a s-type side part with bigger OD: https://www.thingiverse.com/download:5757187
Trough it is untested yet, please leave a comment if it works.

I'd second the s-197-52 side. I'm playing with using this with Filaments.ca refill spools. They're in the same boat as the 3D Solutech it appears in that it has a short hub and uses almost if not all of the 180mm. A 197mm OD side would solve a lot.

Filaments.ca refill spools are not listed yet at masterspool twist & lock. Please leave a comment if the hub and the bigger side https://www.thingiverse.com/download:5757187 part are fitting these spools. So I can add these refills too.

Just got my refills today and the s-hub-076-58 and s-side-197-50 fit nicely. It's a tight fit with their cardboard hub, but it still goes in fine. My printer is offline so I can't say how it behaves with the roll touching the sides so closely. 197mm outer dia nicely clears the roll though for bottom bearing tracks like TUSH. Thank you.

I am going to be printing one of these spools to try with Filaments.ca refills. They have a cardboard tube hub. The inner diameter is 77mm outer diameter of the roll is right at 180mm. The width of the cardboard hub is 58mm, but the width of the roll is close to 63mm. I will let you know if it fits.

So does it fit well?

Yes. It fits perfect

I really like your design though they don't fit the Inland masterspools. The ID for the spool is ~94mm and the width is 55.5mm.

I'm also looking for an inland compatible spool. My roll measures about 56.5mm wide x 92mm id x 180mm od.

I have made a hub according to your measurements. Try this one: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3270562

s-type hub 092-56 for Masterspool Twist and Lock

Thanks, it works but it's a very tight fit. The hub catches on some of the strands and pushes them out of place.

could you please send me a photo

Could you please give me the outerdiameter of the spool, too.

The OD is 180mm.

Was looking for this myself now that they sell the spoolless rolls.

Do you still happen to have the file for the ClipOn v1 for your first sidepart design?

Had trouble with the centering-part of the opening tool. Using cura 2.6 to slice it, I get a lot of small non-connected 'dashes' that are printed in random order. I solved it by trying out slic3r for the first time. But i'm curious why I got the problem with cura in the first place.
Anyway - It would be good to mention that this part is not needed in any way. I've printed the spool and the first part of the opening tool, and it opens the spool without trouble. Bu maybe it will be even better with the second part of the tool? I'll know in 30 minutes.

Thanks for your nice design, when I am trying to print s-side-180-50, it shows the size is 66.6966.698.6, no where near the 180-50
am I missing something here? already printed the small hub, thanks.

You are right - my fault. I updated the file. Please download it again.


My quastion was already answered by you thank you so much 3d Workshop :-)

Comments deleted.

I'm a bit confused, which files do I need to download for das-filament 850g refills?


You will need this hub:
two times this sidepart (70 mm mounting hole)
or two times this sidepart (52mm mounting hole)
Beside these parts you will need the opening tool wich consists of 2 pieces:
https://www.thingiverse.com/download:5436992 and https://www.thingiverse.com/download:5436989

l-type hub 102-45 for Masterspool Twist and Lock


It seems you have pasted the same link twice (hub + 70mm mounting hole)..

you're right - has been corrected

Hi Frank!
Your Twist and Lock Masterspool became the item of my choice. Great Idea and marvellous design.
And with V2 it got even better.
So some filament samples come along in smaller ODs than 20 cm, some are 17 cm some even 15 cm.
Is it possible to make sideparts with 18 cm and/or 16 cm OD?
It would save some filament for print and saves also space for storing.
Thanks a lot in advance.

I really like the design, but is there an adapter or like this to use this spool with spool holders with bearings like this: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2186682 or this https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2909802 ? All spools I own yet have a cylinder in the inner (like the original master spool) so all my spool holders are with bearings. This one is not compatible yet. Any ideas?

Creality CR-10 Ball bearings filament roll support
Vertical 2020/3030 Bearing Spool Holder
by Hultis

Hi Max, I have added a Sidepart wich offers a wider runningsurface. For sample hubs use one time https://www.thingiverse.com/download:5332508 and https://www.thingiverse.com/download:5134478 for all other hubs you can use the new sidepart on both sides.

Comments deleted.

Thank you. Is simple really enough? It should be in place during rotation. No hurry. I can wait. Enjoy your vacation. :)

hi @3d-workshop, would it be possible for you to make an extra sample hub, but one that will fit windings with a inner diameter of about 13cm?

These are the sample spools of das-filament.de

I think extending the spokes out would be plenty.


Also, your spool system is the best I have tried. Thanks a lot!

Hi cnefer. I have made one for you: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3017471 . When printed, would you be so kind to offer me a picture to publish it together with this thing.

I have added pictures of V2 to https://imgur.com/a/nnY7F4f as well.

I did a print with V2 last night, it was a bit loose, but it worked well enough. I'll try and get a print with V1 done as well.

https://imgur.com/a/nnY7F4f V1 printed, and mounted, not used yet.

I am printing V2 now, i'll take pictures of that as well, and then i'll test them both and give feedback.

Thanks a lot for the support!

Since you asked for spool weights, here are some that I measured before I started using Masterspools (sorry, I don't have the widths). All are for 1000 grams of filament except for the M3D spool which holds 250 feet of filament.

Hatchbox 302 grams
eSun 230
Inland 229
Nova 236
Plasfil 115
Sunlu 190
M3D 50

Before your latest description update, I printed several of the new spools (both sides and hubs) at 135% in Z direction and they seem to hold 1KG of eSun PLA Plus filament just fine.

Ha, I read your msg again and realized that you were asking for weights of the filament, not the spools themselves. Anyway, I'll leave it in case it's of any interest.

I was very excited about your masterspool and printed one in PETG - until my first filament arrived today from DasFilament. The side part do not hold the filament in place, so a string moved downwards between the side and the filament which causes severe entanglement.
Too bad!
I'll consider this solution: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2782912 - well, or forget the idea alltogether...

upcycle Masterspool dasFilament
by techam

Did you have the issue with the big or the small hole in the middle? Somehow I think the smaller hole for the hub should be beneficial in slight entanglement scenarios.

I would like to quote ashpool and his comment he did here: https://www.thingiverse.com/make:466410 "...I think this is so great! Weighing in at just 100 grams it’s both cheap and quick to print. Remember to ”massage” the filament a bit so there’s no gaps on the sides, or else the filament string might get stuck." Futhermore I think it is something all types of masterspools - at least all that ones I printed - have to deal with.

Universal Masterspool - Twist and Lock
by ashpool

Thanks for the hint, makes sense to me.

Just wanted to drop a tanks for this design. I've printed one in PETG,PLA and ABS and they all work like a charm.

Getting filament without spools would be nice (when they become available), but I have been using these spools for several weeks now to save space in smallish air tight containers with desiccant. I can fit so many more rolls into a container without spools. I've also been using them to split full rolls of filament for multiple printers, to have spools that fit well on standardized holders on my printers, and to make sure that the end of a roll doesn't get caught and cause a failure.

I printed a single spool at 105% in X & Y and 95% in Z to make my own rolls of filament with a simple hand winder (don't wind it too tight!). The larger (and narrower) size lets the roll of filament fit easily onto a 100% scale spool later. I put reusable zip ties on the roll to remove it and put it in dry storage or on a 100% scale spool (I have 6 of yours now) for use on my printers. The slots in this spool are nice and WIDE to fit the largeish removable zip ties I've been using.

The only problem I've had are the splines that don't have the little fingers on them (touching the ridge on the hub) because they need to clear the latch when un/locking. They allow filament into the gap and it has gotten caught a few times now. I beveled the end of the spline with a dremel and don't seem to have the problem anymore, but thought you may consider doing that in the model.


Note for those, like me, with 200mm beds trying to print the 198mm sides. Check that your head doesn't travel outside the print area and hit the stops. It'll layer-shift everything after that. For slic3r, turn off 'avoid crossing perimeters'.

I love the mechanism. The satisfying 'click' when it snaps together.

Hi, I love your design.
Any chance to have a adaptor for spool rewinding with the drilling machine?

Spool axle for power drill winding
by jon_d

You're right, works great :-)

Happy Easter :-o

I love this locking design! The only thing I'd change would be to make little channels or gaps to make it easier to slide a new zip tie around the currently loaded filament. It would make it much easier to remove the filament and add a new coil.

I designed it, with reattaching the zip-ties in mind. On every side, there is more than enough space to put them around the loaded filament. Here is a guide to remove the refill spool: https://youtu.be/oJt3FxKPDTk

Nice. I'll try it out!

I thought about doing something similar but you've nailed it.

Cool design, it fits SO nicely - and the opener tool is cool. But for security I'll fix one side using hot glue.
In my print, the part between the opener tool slot and the adjacent hole is just two lines wide - maybe add some more material there.

Adding more material would make it more difficult to reattach zipties again. Anyway there is no force which needs to be handled by this part it's just a guide for the opening tool. In my print with a nozzle 0.4 it is 5 lines wide (about 3mm)

I think that this is the best take on the Masterspool-concept I've seen so far. It's sturdy, secure and pretty satisfying when it snaps together :D

Meine erste Twist and Lock ist fertig und wartet befüllt zu werden, tolles Design, vielen Dank!

Nice spool thanks for sharing!
Where did you buy the filament without a spool? I could only find filament already on a spool.

I buy nearly all my filament on http://dasfilament.de . I don’t know where you are from but I think they also offer international shipping.

Which exact pieces do you need to print for a regular dasfilament spool?

You will need this hub:
two times this sidepart (70 mm mounting hole)
or two times this sidepart (52mm mounting hole)
Beside these parts you will need the opening tool wich consists of 2 pieces:
https://www.thingiverse.com/download:5436992 and https://www.thingiverse.com/download:5436989

l-type hub 102-45 for Masterspool Twist and Lock

Thank you very much!

thx, really a great thing to avoid plastic waste!

What an absolutely amazing design! I will have to print it as soon as the last one is finished!

Edit: When I open the hub in Slic3r there are errors and a lot of the part does not print :/

I opened the file in meshmixer, made it solid and saved as a STL again:

Now it works

Comments deleted.

I also have this problem with Slic3r Prusa Edition 1.39.2

I used Netfabb to repair...

With the new Slic3r PE 1.40.0 it works fine

i have the same problem in slic3r.
No problem when i slice it in S3D.
I get 22Backward edges errors.

I have Slic3r as well as Cura - I cannot reproduce your issues. What nozzle size does your printer have?
Does anyone else have this problem?

The standard 0.4 mm nozzle. I have Slic3r PE 1.39.1, not vanilla Slic3r. Maybe that's the reason. Well, in the end I just did my very first print with Cura. It looks nicer but I somewhat find Slic3r easier to use. But this will give me an opportunity to use ironing at some point.

Works fine for me using Simplified3D and standard 0.4 nozzle. Great design btw!