Gisi 3d Printed Resin Pen Molds

by jkhobbs1216 Mar 13, 2018
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what have you found to be the best fill % to use? 100% takes very long to print

I tried the Sierra mold. I have a couple of questions...It was MUCH longer than the Sierra tube. I tried to center the tube as close as I could but I was either going to have to mill most of the bottom away OR most of the top...there was no happy medium. I'll try reducing the print size a little and see what happens. Also, have you tested these at 15% infill? I printed using 30% and I still had a blowout where the PLA chipped and the only thing that was left was the part that was glued to the tube. I'm going to try to BAKE the others I printed and see if that solidifies them a little bit. Great designs though....any hints, tips and tricks you may have would be graciously accepted and attempted.

I usually align it to where the end of the top is just barley past the top triangle. As far as blow outs go after i cast them and drill and glue my tube in i cut the bottom and the outer edges of the mold off. It helps to keep the 3d mold from flying apart when turning.

I try cut the PLA casing off of one tonight and turn it. Thanks for the reply.

jkhobbs - other than a Sierra, Professor and a JR Gent, what is the last one?

Can anyone share the amount of alumilite resin this mold holds?

If anyone else comes around looking, I used about 1.1oz for the 'sierra' mold.

What material do you recommend printing this with?

PLA and PETG were really bad about tearout for me, ABS was definitely the way to go.

Weird, I used ABS on mine, and the alumilite doesn't bond to it. It fell apart and had to be re-assembled with 5-min epoxy for me.

I used casting epoxy. Alumilite is a brand rather than a specific resin. They are best known for their urethane resin though which would be very different from epoxy in looks/strength/adhesion.

I'm aware that they have many products. I've gotten very used to the pen-turning community just saying 'alumilite' as shorthand for the 'alumilite clear' product.

Did you use any particular brand of epoxy? I liked the results enough to try again but I really hated playing "Find the missing piece" in my garage.

I use Alumilite Amazing Clear Cast. I don’t even need a pressure pot for it as the bubbles naturally come to the top. I like that it is safer to use as well (fume wise, no isocyanates). Downside is over time it will even start to stick to your silicon molds - it is very aggresive on adhesion, and instead of a 30-40 minute demold it takes 24-48 hours.

Maybe the molds are sacrificial. Look closely at the pic it looks like the plastic layers between features are still there, so print, fill and cure, then just turn down to cylindrical shape and the "outer portion" of the mold would be removed, leaving the resin plus the plastic in between features. Maybe?

So how do you get the resin out of the mold?

You don't remove the resin from the mold. The mold is part of the pen. Fill in the slots with the colored resin of your choice and then treat it like you would any other pen blank.

What kind of filament did you use?

i'm sorry, but I dont undestand. How does it works? is it like a stencil to paint a pen?

It's a resin casting mold for pen blanks. After the resin cures the blank is then turned on a lathe. Pretty cool.