Duet All Access with Duex mount and 60mm fan

by Havoc340 Mar 14, 2018
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Great functional design. Love it! Check my make.

There is one minor flaw: some pins of the boards prevent them to sit flush, see attached image. Easy fix.

Maybe add another hole for wires on the other side of the back shell, plus additional mounting holes.

As for the latch: magnets are your friends.

That's awesome! Didn't think someone would actually make one!

As for the pin clearance, you are right. I ran into that problem myself, but it was such a quick and easy fix that I forgot it was even an issue.

Magnets would be a good upgrade. Honestly I find the two stage latch kind of fun, but magnets would be a little simpler.

Thanks for your feedback! Enjoy.

I just tried to mount the box to my new corexy and I ran into several problems: 2040 mounting holes are on the "wrong" side, and so are the placement (and number?) of the wire holes. Since my project is its early stages, I cannot tell as of now, how exactly it should be shaped to fit my purposes. Would you mind sending me your step or fusion 360 files? I will make adjustments as I go along (and implement changes mentioned above) and post it as a remix. Deal?

Hi Havoc340

Are you willing to share your files for changes (PM would be fine too) or not? Please give me a quick reply so I can move forward.


What were your print settings? Support?

It's basically printed as the render shows. No support on the case shells, printed big face down.

The inner chassis is printed vertically and does need some support.

I printed mine 20% infill with a 1mm nozzle out of PLA at 230, .6mm layers, 70mm/s. 3 outer, lower and top layers. I'd suggest 3 shells no matter what nozzle size you're using. Other than that it's not a high impact or high stress part.

Use whatever settings you know work good on your printer for whatever filament and nozzle you're planning to use.

This case could be made from many different filaments... PLA/ABS/PETG... It's not critical.

Is it just me or are the parts so very very tiny when you put them in a slicer

You may need to scale them up, as they were designed in INCH, and your slicer is probably looking at them as Metric. Try upsizing them by 2540%

Ahh ok thx didn't think of that I'll try it