Discone Antenna Hub 400MHz and up, 70cms, ADS-B

by mkarliner Mar 14, 2018
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Which bit are you having trouble with?
Basically, all you have to do is take a circle of some weatherproof plastic of 21or22cm radius cut a single
radial cut from the centre to the the edge. Curl up the plastic until it overlaps twice, which will give you a
cone with a 60deg included angle, like the photo. Print the components out and push a piece of coax, usually
50ohm up through the centre hole. Separate out the centre and shield. The disc is a plastic disc around 2mm
thick. You can bolt the two pieces together using the M3 hole in the centre of the two pieces. Cover with aluminium foil
or equivalent. Make sure that the disc and cone a not shorted together! The coax centre get connected to the disc
and the coax shield to the cone. There are holes to help you thread the shield through to the cone metal surface. I poked a small hole in the top of the cone to help me get the shield in contact with the foil.

Do you have some kind of Tutorial to build it properly?
I have some difficulties with that.
Thanks a lot for the Build, looks interesting