Nerf Rival Kronos Speedloader V2

by mshukr1 Mar 15, 2018
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What is the diameter of the tube where the balls go in? I need to know because I'm not sure if my printer is 100% calibrated

Hi. For the cover, if the lips slanted out would it be easier to put in the loader?

for me, it was kind of difficult to get the caps on, so I lined the caps up to the body and hit them with a rubber mallet on a hard surface

Any tips or advice on installing the door? Never had the gun apart. But, springs and bits tend to drop out unexpectedly on these things sometimes.

looking to get started with these, can you make a molle mount for the clips?

lol oops I forgot to put the link to my design
here it is

Nerf Rival Kronos Speed loader FIXED

I Uploaded a fixed version of this design for those who want to check that out
I have not tested my design yet but by the looks of the slices it should work amazingly
(printing it now)

AWESOME Design. Thank you so much for this.

Thanks for the awesome design! I had two questions about possible revisions. Could you make an extended main tube to fit 6 rounds? Would it be hard to add a VERY small tab or slight lip to the ejection side to retain worn out Rival rounds better? Thanks again! Highly recommend this design!!

Yes, i can made one to fit 6 rounds, but i can't print and test it because I'm already at my limit with the 5 rounds design.. Haha

Yes, i can add a lip to the tube, but i don't know how many mm to add. Maybe i can made it 1mm smaller and you can sand it down to adjust.

I would think that a 1mm inner lip would be great, and yes, if it was too much then I could just sand it down a bit. Thanks for the reply and help!

Done. Uploaded

Printed the new one last night. The 1mm lip ended up being way too much. I sanded and ended up only leaving about 8mm of length of .25-.4mm of the lip and it works perfect!!

The Kronos feeder port (load door) printed poorly on my i3 MK2S. I sliced with PrusaControl, "Optimal - 0.15 mm" quality, 20% infill, and used Prusa PLA that came with the printer. I didn't immediately notice that the hinge section was off the bed, and that overhang was just too long without a support.

What print settings are you using?

The 'door' need to be printed with support. Sorry, forgot to mentioned this. Because the hinge part is 2mm higher than the rest to make it fit snuggly into that Kronos

can you post a video for assembly and loading

Captain Xavier made a video, exactly for what you requested: https://youtu.be/MCgFTs3wnH4

if it is tilted upside down while there are rival rounds in it will they fall out or are they snug enough that they stay in?

No. They are pretty snug inside.

Cool design, but I think file for the external part of pusher is missing.

haha..i forgot. Already uploaded.