BL-Touch Mounting for JGAurora A5

by gschuto Mar 15, 2018
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Hi gschuto,

could you post the original drawing files? I'd like to modify this design for my machine as the bltouch mount interfer with one fan duct I'd like to use.
Thanks for the great work :-)

Any information on how to install it on the A5S? Its a different board :(

Was wondering if i plugged in the BL touch to the Z endstop, if the firmware would still be the same.
Ive looked and cant find anything out there on the new board.

serial 59, pourquoi tu t'exites comme ca , ta un probleme d'hormone ???

de la merde, meme pas capable de donner des informations de montage de réglage Offset d'installation comme la hauteur du stl pour être a la bonne hauteur avec la buse et j'en passe. quand on est pas capable de faire les choses complètement et correctement on le fait pas. gros con que tu es.

je pense que une vidéo du montage complète ne serait pas du luxe, on devine pour le montage ?

You must change the Z-home position sensor with black/white wires of BL-Touch and use a "servo connector" to control BL-Touch.
In Youtube you will find several videos...

ha oui des vidéo sur youtube ? non il n'y en a pas j'ai regarder car presque personne utilise le BlTouch pour cette machine

Hi Arnold,
Auto Bed Leveling with BL-Touch cannot control from TFT, because the firmware of TFT can't change. I use repetier host to control JGA5.
I send you my actual firmware that i used. Update it with Arduino IDE 1.8 (recompile!)
Take a look into configuration.h and search lines with prefix "GSC", then you see the things that i have changed. The offset of nozzle are control with M851, M500 commands.

Good luck

How did you add this to the firmware? And how does it get controlled via the touchscreen?