Pinecone lamp

by Streetfire_Industries Mar 15, 2018
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Awesome! Any chance for a bottom version without the cable guide? :)

Printing this at 140% to fit a slightly larger bulb. However, had a somewhat failed print in which 3 of the leafs of the middle part came loose mid print.

Is a step file available? of the MID part so that I can only reprint some of these leafs. I would just like to glue them in place.

Thank you for this awesome lamp ;-)
Could you please add some details about your print settings, like infill, shell thickness, etc.? Apparently I've used the wrong settings by printing the lamp at 25% infill with 3 outlines and 0,2mm layer heigth, because my print of your design doesn't look that awesome like yours when it's turned on. As you can see on the picture I've attached, only the highest leaves are glowing like your entire lamp, but most of them remain dark. So what did I do wrong? I can't believe that reducing the outline to 2 solves this issue. Any suggestions?

sorry I've been busy with work updated now. I print these with 2 outlines/shells one extra shell means that it it has one on each side of the leaf so it actually has two! This reduces the effect quite a bit, sorry again for not including the settings and wasting your time :(

Thanks for your fast reply ;-) Don't worry! It's a little bit annoying that it didn't work as I expected but maybe I can fix this by replacing the RGB bulb by several RGB LED stripes which should emit more light altogehter. Otherwise I will try a reprint with your settings. Just to be sure 2 outlines is the setting of your slicer and not the actual number of wall lines, right? Because using 2 outlines in Cura leads to 4 wall lines, 2 on the inside of the leaf and 2 on the outside.

Noob here. What is a BOT file and how do I modify it?

the bot part is just a file name. The extension is the .STEP file which most CAD programs can open.

I scaled the whole thing up by 20%, fits a e27 socket inside almost perfectly.

Looks great!

Is this printed in vase mode? Cura says 8 hours for the top part at normal mode and in vase mode "spiralize outer contour" about 4 hours, but it then has no infill at all ... Please write the printing details in your thing details so its easier for all to see. thanks

sorry I've been busy with work updated now

Where do I buy the plug to use this? I live in the USA and prefer to order through Amazon

I just ordered some of these. I'll update if they work out.


I wouldn't know I'm based in the EU, you might try buying a bulb and holder and then updating to bottom part to suit it. :)

I really love this design. But after printing it I have come to the conclusion that the connecting point between the peddles and the base is just too weak... maybe its just me. but the pedals break off when I just barely touch them. I suspect this is caused by the huge amount of leverage they allow you to put on the joint.

Just a thought, if you added some fillets around the base of all the peddles it would help to add some strength.

You included a step file so I may try to strengthen it in the future at some point.

Mine is plenty strong for pla, what kind of settings did you use?

White PLA at 210C and 15% infill with the peddles at 100% infill

Huh weird, might be some bad filament then. Mine is pretty strong relatively speaking :)

i love this design. it is creative, and looks like it took time.

i have no idea how you did this and if you could help i would gladly appreciate it so much...

What do you mean? Like tutorials and stuff?

What E14 lamp base are you using? I looked for one but none seemed to be something that would fit. If you could share a picture, brand or link that would be very helpful. I am printing this amazing lamp as I type this. Great job!

I use these that I get locally so I don't know if the are available everywhere https://www.gamma.nl/assortiment/gamma-lamphouder-e14-wit/p/B456237

What infill percentage did you use and any supports?

20% infill 2 outlines no support

I absolutely LOVE the design! Do you happen to have an all-in-one file for larger printers?

Edit: Now that I have downloaded and looked at the files, it's a different model situation than what I had imagined, maybe I'll take a shot at modifying it myself for what I have in mind.