Z axis wobbling Terminator for TEVO Tornado, CR-10, Anet...

by anunez Mar 15, 2018
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As tied as you wish. We need to avoid vertical motion. You can leave narrow slits in your spring coupler only if your motor axis and your vertical z axis rod are not perfectly aligned. Test it with a thing, high, single wall and hollow circular cylinder to check for wobbling. Is fast to print and allow for final adjustments.
Good luck!

i have a question, how hart do i need to fasten the screwhead on top of the rod? is it save to have lots of compression on top of the lead screw rod? i want to try this because i have a lot of Z wobble

sorry for the questions, I am looking to improve my CR-10 and I don't really understand your solution.

Why don't you simply use rigid shaft couplers since you are compressing the one that is flexible?
Unless you have a perfectly aligned and perfectly straight z axis rod, is it not preferable, to let it move in x and y freely?
And the M5 screw doesn't grind the head of the z axis rod ?

Maybe, a good compromise ,if you want to avoid the inconvenience that you describe, could be, to use semi-rigid shaft couplers called jaw spider coupler shaft.

What do you think about?


Thanks for your comments. Rigid shaft couplers are also a good solution for axial wobbling of z axis, but do not ensure x y movements on the top part of the axis. If you let the upper side free in x or y, the intertia of the axis will create micro vibrations when doing a fast layer filling motion. I do prefer (as in any cnc) to get restrictions on both side of the z axis rod. At the end of the day. the present solutions is working for me and I do not have z wobbling anymore

Dude, a really simple yet creative solution.

I concur. Was going out of my mind trying to find a solution that would easy to accomplish with just one arm.
This was it.
Brilliant !!!