Mice trap v2.0 - 2 and 4 hole

by mackedusan Mar 15, 2018
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Each time I print this, when it starts the overhang portion (pivot holders), my print goes to complete rubbish. Am I positioning the object improperly in Cura or do I have bad settings? I am printing at 60 degrees c bed temp and 200 degrees c extruder. Using standard PLA/ Thanks so much for anyone who can offer advice.

I think I just figured it out. You say to print bottom down and I was printing side down. Off to print again!

Correct! Good luck!

Are there any colors that work especially well? Or any that should be avoided?

Good question. I have tried them all with same result, mice don't care! :-) They just want that bait. Good luck.

A hole to keep the needle handy could be made...

Agree, but re-engineered this trap so you don't need a needle. Check out the latest Slimversion.

Very nice. Just printed one. I don't know the purpose of the pin cap but its loose and pin too short to be of any use. Redone for friction mounting

You have to glue the cap on to the pin.

Nah, got a quicky cad for snap fit

I was wondering if you could tell me how much filament this takes to print? I am new to printing (haven't even bought a printer yet) and am just wondering if it makes financial sense to print it verses making it out of wood (although not as sexy for sure). Thanks, #wantingtojointhecoolkids

With 10% infill 120m. With 10% infill and gradual infill: 3 you get it down to 80m filament. :-)

How about one bigger for rats?

I just made one for rats! :-D

where can i find it? Have scaled up the slim version to 120% but that makes the slot for the string bigger as well :/

stay tuned…. I will make some Changes and then upload it. I have a protype that seems to work good so far. The hole is 75mm diameter.

when i get my stuff downloaded later i will share. i have caught 14 so far using 2 of the double traps in the last 5 days first mouse was within one minute of placement i used an arlo camera to check for improvement. the actual sliding portion (teeth) work the best if you have them facing inward (sharpest part towards the inside of the trap. i had a few mice that actually flipped themselves out of the the trap as soon as it went off. (flipped the plate and no problems after) very effective trap. i do however wish the inside was deeper there is alot of wasted space in this thing. but printed main body at 10% as suggested and it has worked flawless. printed the rest at 80 just to make sure for strengh. needle was a huge help! one thing else it does seem when the mice are biting thru the string they need to be in slightly farther. the string holes could be pushed inward very slightly. but overall this bad boy is amazing!!!!!!! great design!!!! you have my respect!!! and my pile of dead mice if you would like jk! thanks for the upload.i made a wood version of this for super cheap thats been doing well on catching mice but this does the trick in style lol just saw you made a much improved design for use of less filament. i will print and test!!! great upload!!!!!!!!

Very nice Reading! thank you... check the latest slim-version. Now you dont even have to use the needle. See? ;-) Really easy to reload

I don't own a 3D printer. I would like to get this trap printed. When I use the apps the main area is super expensive. What am I doing wrong?
and how many of each part I need for a two hole trap?

Hello sir,
I'm working on a page where you can put an order on a 2-hole version. I'm right now building up a stock hand have like 30pcs 2-hole traps ready to be shipped.

Just give some time to figure out the payment and shipping-thing

No worries. I will wait. I live in the USA so hopefully, it won't be much trouble to ship.

Are you still interested in having one of these? I'm in the USA.

This is very interesting. I was thinking about the possibility of automating this with the help of an arduino. By removing the mouse and rearming the device automatically, you essentially create a device that has an endless capacity (provided it is mains powered). I've got a few ideas about this, if you're interested, let me know! Also I'm capable of writing the code and design the product.

Hello there!

Sounds cool and high-Tech! My plan is to keep it as simple as possible. For each time I come up with a new version, It´s with less material, easier to re-set and so on. Im very intrested in your idea, but I dont wanna go that road right now.

Hello mackedusan,
fantastic trap,do you print and sell these trap's,i do not own a printer yet,for the future i think,
thank's for sharing your your file'

Hello iancxx!

Thank you. I sell the 2 hole-version to friends and family. If you want to buy one it´s cool. I charge 10 Euros each + transport.

Contact me at mackedusan@hotmail.com

See you!

I printed your trap. I can't understand how to guide those strings inside. Could you help me?

Use a tweezers or a long needle. I just uploaded a needle you can print.

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Hi, nice design, coming here from MouseTrapMonday.
I am an electronics engineer. I have an idea to implement this trap with an opto detector and a servo motor to make a multi-catch trap.
If you'd like to implement it, you can contact me by email at h o b by16 at f ree.fr (remove spaces and replace at by @)

hey, might be crazy but lets make it 9 hole :D
is that the max build volume of your printer or does it have a bit more place to build ? if thats max than you can divide the body into 2 pieces

my idea is to make 5 more levers going to the other side as the holes does not go too far inside and place the holes inbetween the existing rubber band sleeves. if you know what i mean.

I don't think people have that many mice around. I think two hole are a good indicator if there are 1 or many mice present.


My name is Will,
I think your design is great and was wondering if you would mind if I sold some to my friends and family,
I would be more than happy to give them a link to your Thingiverse page! :)


Hello Will,
I'm glad you like it. Share the design as you wish. Please upload photos of your traps :-)