Hexagon Wall-Mount Paint Rack

by ghart2012 Mar 16, 2018
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I have tried printing this three times now with different settings, but everytime right before it is done som of the arms end up snapping. Even if i let the print finish, the intact arms feel very very brittle and snap easily. I really like the concept and look of it though.

I've tried out a lot of the paint pot racks here on the site, but this one is the best over all. Thank you!

This is a long shot but any chance you can share your print speeds for this? I have been trying and shortly after it starts final top section one of the side posts always ends up snapping.

Looks very nice! Is it still easy enough to grab a bottle?

Hi Greenbull. I haven't ever had a problem grabbing the bottles myself, but my fingers are pretty thin. I would say the orientation does not allow you to "quick draw" the paints but then again I don't know what kind of painting technique would require that! :)

I think the best way to know would be to try a set yourself and see if the size is to your liking. My primary goal was to save space and put them on the wall when not in use.

This is great! I have a big collection of paints to use for this. But - Any chance you can post a file with about 3 or 4 hex units instead of the 7 total? (Half the size) My print bed is not big enough to handle the original set. Thnx!

Hey man I'm so sorry I didn't get around to this until not but you got it! Just uploaded different amounts of the model from 1-7 mounts. I've also included a link to the original Fusion 360 project file in case someone would like to make further edits.

This is fantastic!! And - Thanks for getting back to me! Stoked to print these, to store all my paints. It will help me immensely.

Your workstation looks great btw. One day I hope to have something like it. Cheers!

Thanks! I actually made it with just a single sheet of 1/2" MDF board from Home Depot for about $20 and some cheap ADILS Ikea desk legs ($4 each). 2 cheap white LED strips from Amazon soldered together and an old hand-me-down monitor. Just had to bolt the table to the wall with a couple of L brackets for stability since it's fairly top-heavy. But it's super cheap (about $50 total) so I don't care when it gets messy from the paints and glue.

I really like your remix of this!, I would wall mount mine but I have a window there...

Thanks for the complement!