masterspool adaptor for empty eSun 1kg spools

by JAYTEEAU Mar 16, 2018
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Nice work!
Collected! :-)

unfortunately the center part ended up about 2-3mm too narrow (filament coil still slid around freely) and the flat part needed another 10-12mm in order to clamp the sides correctly. Are there different sizes of eSun spools floating around? This is with a das filament refill, btw.

Hi thrawn86,

I'm sorry this didn't work for you. There are 500g and 1Kg spools kicking around and I suspect that the 500g is too small to use a refill.

In the YT link you can see I also used a das filament refill and it works pretty well.

If yours was a 1kg spool, can you send me the dimensions? Outer diameter, hub diameter ( where the spool slips over ) gap between spool sides.

Did you also latch the tail of the spool before sealing it up?


my spool measures about 52/92 id/od for the hub, and about 55 between the halves.

Hi thrawn86,

Yeah, those are basically the same dimensions as mine.

The inner hub of the print should be 102+/- and the final gap between the sides should be about 47mm whereas my model leaves about 49mm. I'll fix that - Interestingly, the das filament refill I got fitted really well within that extra 2mm.

I'm going to tweak the model today, print it out and de-spool my existing das filament refill to test on this updated version. I'll keep you informed.

Thanks for the feedback

I think it may have been an issue with the refill itself. Mine didn't seem super tight, and I might have mangled it a bit trying out a few different master spools.

No worries.

I've already changed the model to eSun v3 but will need to print it before releasing.

I agree that there could be a variance between refills, but there is a standard set of specs masterspool.info/specs


I was just about to design this and thought I better check first if someone has done it. Well done. Going to print it off now.

Oh, could you also take a photo or 2 and add them to "I made one". Cheers, JAYTEE

I certainly will. Thank you for the design.

Excellent, glad I could help. Let me know if you have any thoughts afterwards. Cheers, JAYTEE

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<3 love it cheers Pokon

Hey Pokon, glad you like it.

If you print it and you can suggest any improvements, let me know and I'll revise

Cheers, JAYTEE