Spring Connector for Modular Castle Playset Modules

by Bikecyclist Mar 16, 2018
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It truly does work well, thank you! Saved the day!

Glad to hear you like it, and happy castle-building! :-)

Any tips for creating custom models, for someone technical but just getting started? Thanks!

I like OpenSCAD very much, as it's Open Source and free, and - basically being a programming language - great when it comes to re-usability. It doesn't support traditional drawing though.

One strength of OpenSCAD is that you can load STL files and then create your own 3D geometry using the STL file geometry as a visual aid.

When it comes to the castle playset, the spring connector source code in this thing also features the important "female" connector cut-outs, which you can re-use with anything you might build. Saves you from re-inventing the wheel :-)

Here's a good starting point for OpenSCAD:


There's also a helpful OpenSCAD group here on thingiverse.

Brilliant, thanks so much.