MHP 15

by Mrheathpants Mar 17, 2018
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Would this work with the 3D printed KaThanha magazines on Thingiverse? Thanks.

what is the name of the pipe you're using and where did you buy it? 3/4 inch pvc is a tiny bit too big and I can't find anything else that fits.

I used 3/4" ID abs pipe I found at Home Depot. Anything with an outer diameter of 1" should do, though. The slot in the blaster is modeled at 1 inch

ok thanks. i tried standard 3/4 inch pvc and its just slightly too big.

So I’m having issues where the pusher is pushing out too much and not cycling properly. Do you have any ideas about that?

What do you mean by pushing out too far?

If I may be so bold as to inquire whether you would be comfortable with releasing the source files (sketchup?).

Honestly it's embarrassing lol
But I'll add them

How many different sets of files are here? I'm seeing duplicates of handles and various pieces. Which ones do I print?

You'll need to print left and right of the front, flywheel/mid, rear, and the handles. There is a new version of the handles, called handy, that should have more comfort, but I haven't tested. After that you'll need a battery cover, motor cover, trigger, and mag release.
If you have a very large parinter, I do have two extra copies of the shell pieces that are all connected into one, but if you don't have a 14+ inch printer, then ignore those

Where would you get the pusher spring? Will I have to butcher a stryfe just for the pusher return spring?

I'm not totally sure if a stryfe spring would actually work, could be too long.
Neiko 50456A Spring Assortment Kit for Repairs, Steel Zinc Plated | 200-Piece Set. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B000K7M36W?ref=yo_pop_ma_swf
This set of springs will work for the whole thing though. It's got springs that work for the pusher, trigger, and mag release

What size/material did you use for the inner tubing? (You can see it on the Sketchup image you posted)

Any tubing that's 1" outer diameter will probably work. I'm currently using abs pipe, but polycarbonate or PVC would also work. You might be able to use longstrike barrel too. If it fits loose, just give it a wrap or two of etape

Why not base it around m3 screws?

Because hindsight is 20/20 and that's a good idea. I don't have any m3 screws, but maybe next time lol

I have more m3 than all my other screws combined because of how much stuff in this hobby uses it. Get back to me when you do make an m3 version because mine is being held together with superglue right now lol

Could you post pictures of the finished product, please? Cheers

Is just added a couple

Could this take a brushless cage, such as Ultrasonic2's?

It probably doesn't now, but I imagine it could be made to relatively easily

I'll try and tinker with the files a bit. The screwposts should already be good, I just need to check the spacing to fit the actual cage in. :) How's the free space inside? You think I can cram in a bunch of small circuit boards (ESC and Arduino) to support a brushless system?

Two places where you could fit more room would be under the pusher, with modification to theiunting piece, or above the barrel. I don't know if there's enough there, since that's where the lipo connector goes.

Gotcha. I'll see what I can do, then. Worst case, I'll use an external box to house the circuits. While I'm at it, might as well add side and bottom rails hahaha. :P

Do you have a version where the front and flywheel and rear halves aren't in so many piece. Curious if I could do both halves in one piece

It will take a MASSIVE printer, but sure. I also put in variations for two of the three pieces fused, and you print the remaining small one separate. I left out the handles because I like the separate assembly there... makes maintenance easier

Which other files would you need to print as well as the "Left -Single piece.stl" and "Right -single piece.stl" to make the whole thing? Or rather which files would you need to not print by using those?
Also, is it modeled in inches or millimeters?
Seriously cool design by the way!

So.. if you print those two files, then you'd print everything pusher, battery cover, both handles, and all the trigger bits.
You still need to print every file, but you don't have to assemble the separate pieces except for the handles.

and it was modeled in inches lol

Does this take OFP flywheel cages?

I designed it around the 41.5 mm strufe cage. I don't even know if any others will fit honestly. Eclipse should, though

sorry for all the questions, but how did you attach the silencer muzzle?

what crush cage was used for optimal performance?

I used 41.5 mm of stryfe cage. I suppose highest fps would be an eclipse cage. As for the silencer, I meant to find a tubing that worked, but I used a 1" inner diameter (I think it was inner) abs pipe from home Depot for a barrel.

what size battery did you throw into this? i just realized how small the compartment is.