Cyclone Filter

by Dronnn Mar 17, 2018
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Here is the view of the file in the slicer. the printer did not print the threaded party. I do not know where the problem comes from, slicer or printer


I am French beginner in the world of 3d printing. I printed the base of the cyclone filter. my impression is 100% finished but I do not have the top part. do you know what it can come from?


From your photo you can see that you have not finished printing the thread on the bottom part. On the "Thing Files" tab are two files: top and bottom.

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Can you provide some Cura settings (number of walls, width, etc)?

wall = 3
layer width= 0.2mm
nozzle = 0.4mm
Infill = 25%

Any chance you have original files you could post. I am trying to edit for a U.S. standard size such as 1.5" which is close to 40mm but more like 38mm.

Original files have been here for a long time. https://grabcad.com/library/cyclone-filter-1

Thanks, I missed that

Молодцы! Огромное спасибо!

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Very nice design Dronn. To be honest I was doubting my printer could pull it off in ABS without supports, but your design has just the right geometry to make seemingly impossible overhangs and bridges just work like magic. Excellent work!

I also wanted to mention your cyclone design performs great at filtering. I vacuumed up a about a gallons worth of dog hair and fine dust in my garage, and all of it ended up in the 5gallon bucket not the shopvac canister! I had such faith in the performance after looking at the model, that I went ahead and designed some accessories for it before I even finished printing it, LOL. I uploaded the accessories (2.5" hose adapters, and a mounting flange) as remixes of your filter, to compliment your design (and help generate more traffic for you ;) )...

Update, the printed accessories fit great. I have used it extensively with a variety of debris (fine dust, hair, leaves, construction debris...) and the thing has not clogged or had any other signs of problems. I highly recommend this thing!

Thanks for the wonderful design,

Hello, first I have to apologize for my bad English. My native language is German.
I am an absolute novice in terms of 3D printing, I have my printer maybe a week it is an Anycubic I3 Mega and my slicer is Cura 3.5.1.
I thought I'll just load it all in and I get the same result as you can see for yourself.
What are you doing to get those thick walls? What am I doing wrong? Please help me I would really like this super Cyclone.

Do you think this could be used in a pond, on a pump? It might be a good way to avoid crap getting into my pump, if the crud it spits out is just dumped back into the pond; the cleaner water could pass through the pump and into a fountain.

So water would be drawn out of the pond from one spot in the pond, the waste going to a second position (or a holding tank), and the cleaner water into the pump.
Thoughts?? :)

To explain the reason why it won't work... a cyclone filter's performance relies on a large relative density difference between the fluid (air/water/whatever) and the debris (dust/hair/algae/fish doo doo).

Cyclone filters work by using centrifugal force. So the denser stuff (dust & debris) is pulled toward the outside of the vortex by to centrifugal force. Only the lowest density particles in the flow (mostly air) make it to the center of the vortex, where they're sucked out by the outlet tube in the middle. While fine dust may seem very light, it is much denser than air. So cyclone filters work great at filtering air.

With this idea in mind, you can imagine how the large density of water would create problems. In most ponds filter systems, water is not much less dense than most of the contaminants you would be filtering; in fact some of the debris may be much less dense than water. So you'd have lots of fluffy low density debris making it through, and you'd probably only trap a few of the very dense items (like rocks). Even mud, which is slightly more dense than water, will still mostly make it through because it the difference in density is not great enough for centrifugal separation to work well.

Anyhow, TLDR... water is just too dense for cyclone filters to work, unless you just need to filter out very dense things like rocks.

No, it will not work. This filter is for air.

Great design. Looks efficient and well thought.
Have you considered to make an alternate bottom to hold a coke bottle such as https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1447214?

Cyclone Dust Collector (Remix)

While scouring thingiverse to find the best cyclone filter for my shopvac, I saw that coke bottle thing and passed it by. I couldn't imagine lugging my ~30lb dirty/nasty shopvac in my home, unwinding the long hoses, and plugging in the cord, only to pickup 16oz of debris, LOL, then have to put it all away afterwards! I've got a Dyson handheld for that kind of work, and it's super easy/convenient to use. I know, you could keep emptying the bottle to get more debris, but realistically it's more a toy than a tool.

The whole shopvac monstrosity involving cyclone filters and extra hoses is really meant for more industrial work (router tables, table saws, construction work, etc...), where you may gather gallons of debris in a short time, much of which would be too large to even fit down the throat of a coke bottle. Dronnn's cyclone design is more of a tool that you can setup and leave in the corner of a garage, where it does it's job all day long, filling up a 50gal drum or 5gal bucket with chips and debris.

No, because the size of the bottle is much smaller than the cyclone filter itself.
For normal operation, the waste container must be greater than 10 liters.

Total build time on a

  • Prusa I3 mk3
  • PETG, 0.20mm standard Slic3rPE-1.41.0 settings
  • bottom part : 23h 51m
  • top part : 44h 3m

Total: 67h 54m

Very nice design. I love your screw-in assembly and the design without support printing.

Awesome design, thanks! Any chance you could publish the source files (STEP, Fusion360 etc)? I'd like to change the size of the inlet to a different diameter if possible.

Thank you very much! I've looked at other vortexes on Thingiverse and yours is the best designed IMO.

id like to see how you have attached this to a shop vac. or if you made a vacuum. also how do you empty this after it does fill? a short video of it working would be very Kool! great job it looks to be a great design! thanks for sharing!

Fit perfect to my needs.
Haven't printed yet but uploaded it to Cura.

Wondering if I can print the TOP without support?
I flipped it 90° as it's going to lay flat on the top surface.

Are you printing the spiral in the inner section with bridging?

Detail "Top" is printed without support. Thread orientation is up. The spiral turned out normal.

What is the usage/application?

Vacuuming stuff up that is dusty. Without one of these, the shop vac filter will get clogged quickly, reducing suction power. This is pretty much an equivalent to the commercial products like the dust deputy.

would this work for the dust collection from a table saw? if i can just mount it on top of a bucket, not having to use expensive shop vac bags for saw dust would be amazing

I think everything will be OK.

Tolle Arbeit, leider habe ich schon ein Original...